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Welcome to the Mercaz Dahan Center of Jewish Life and Learning at Beth Tfiloh. We look forward to another outstanding year of Jewish programming. Please use the resources on this page for the most current information about upcoming programs and events. For more information, feel free to contact our office at mercaz@btfiloh.org or 410-413-2321.

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Advanced Adult Learning Programs at Beth Tfiloh
by D. Leibowitz
Consider joining one of our premier Adult Learning programs which meet weekly from October to May. Choose from our Monday morning BT in the AM program or the Wednesday evening Yaffe Scholars program.

The Seymour Yaffe Scholars Program

Entering its 15th year, this evening program is designed for both men and women who want to delve into Jewish text study. The program meets on Wednesday evenings for dinner and a 1 1/2 hour seminar with many top-notch Jewish scholars from Baltimore as well as from around the United States and Israel. This year's topic will focus on Responsa That Changed the World. The Yaffe Scholars participants will have the privilege of studying with top-notch Jewish scholars such as Rabbis Mitchell Wohlberg, Chai Posner, Jonathan Gross, Nissan Antine, Steven Exler, Moshe Goldfeder, Susan Grossman, Moshe Hauer, Nathaniel Helfgot, Menachem Leibtag, Binyomin Marwick, Andrew Rosenblatt, Avraham Shmidman, Ross Singer, Maharat Ruth Balinsky Friedman, Mrs. Laura Shaw Frank and Ms. Jennifer Grayson.  

Registration in this program provides participants the option of attending the Monday morning BT in the AM program for no additional charge!

Yaffe Scholars Information Packet              Online Registration

BT in the AM
Open to Jewish men and women from all backgrounds and learning levels, this popular Monday morning program consists of three one-hour sessions with a choice of ouotstanding classes. Attend one, two or all three time slots and choose one class in each time period to attend for the year. Discounted rates for couples are available. Participation in this program provides participants the option of attending the Wednesday evening Mercaz Fall Semester as well as other weekly and monthly classes for no additional charge! 

9 am
Connecting the Haftorah with the Weekly Parsha, presented by talented Beth Tfiloh staff
Are We Coming or Going? The Present Dilemma for Europe's Jews, Dr. Lester Vogel

10 am
Moments That Matter and Make Us What We Are, Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg / Mrs. Zipora Schorr
Israel & the Media, Mr. Phil Jacobs (former editor of The Baltimore Jewish Times)

11 am
Art as Copmmentary, Ms. Rachel Levitt-Klein
Rabbis Talking about Rabbis Talking about ... Everything, Rabbi Chai Posner / Rabbi Jonathan Gross

BT in the AM - Women    BT in the AM - Men*
*All men’s courses discounted this year 

Online Registration

Mercaz's Exciting Four-Week Fall Semester begins on Wednesday, October 21!
by D. Leibowitz

Are We One? (7-8 pm), Rabbi Wohlberg

Explore what unites and divides us – Misnagdim/Chasidim, Ashkenazim/Sefardim, American Jews/Israelis, Orthodox/non-Orthodox.

Choose From an Array of Subjects (8-9 pm)
  • American-Israeli Media and How It Works, Mr. Phil Jacobs
  • Bridge to Healing: Finding Strength to Cope with Illness, Mrs. Israela Meyerstein
  • Exemplary and Exceptional Jewish Women, Mrs. Rebecca Shimoni-Stoil
  • Lost in Translation, Rabbi Jonathan Gross
  • Swing Dancing, Ms. Sherry Benedeck
  • Understanding Human Behavior, Mr. Paul Bolenbaugh

Register on-line at www.bethtfiloh.com/register or contact the Mercaz Office at 410-413-2321 / mercaz@btfiloh.org.
Upcoming Events
CHALLAH-LUYA: Challah Baking for Shabbat
7:00 PM
Learn to bake challah like a pro! Choose to take all four sessions or individually. Join Mrs. Zipora Schorr, BT's Director of Education, to learn the basics of making challah dough.
Location: Tuvin Assembly Hall
Contact: Sandy Vogel
More Details

The Larry Katz Downtown Lunch & Learn
12:00 PM
Meeets monthly / Advance registration requested / Fee
Location: Off Site
Contact: Sandy Vogel
More Details

"Tehillim? I Barely Know Em!" - A Fall Semester Class
7:30 PM
Meets weekly off-site / No Charge
Location: Off Site
Contact: Rabbi Jonathan Gross
More Details

Home-Baked Desserts Drop-Off - A BT Cares Event
8:00 AM
Location: Weiner Conference Room
Contact: Sandy Vogel
More Details

BT in the AM
9:00 AM
Advance registration requested. Fees.
Location: Tuvin Library & Tuvin Hall
Contact: Sandy Vogel
More Details
More Events
Mercaz Flyers
The following documents are available for download: 

Rabbi Dov Lipman - Stanley Z. Penn Memorial Lecture
Guest Lecturer: Dr. Jack Wertheimer
Topic: The Condition of American Judaism

Mercaz Book Clubs
Mondays from 12:15 - 1:15 pm   or    Wednesdays from 10:30 - 11:30 am

Recorded Lectures
Mercaz Office
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MERCAZ Director

Deborah Leibowitz
MERCAZ Administrative Assistant