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In the rootless, mobile generation in which we live, there is no institution like the synagogue which unites Jews across the centuries and across the borders. The synagogue is at the center of religious life; the one place where the Jew has a sense of connectedness, a sense of being a part of a larger whole.


For nearly a century, the Beth Tfiloh Congregation has had a profound impact on the Baltimore Jewish community and the commitment of thousands of Jewish people to their Judaism. Our success — in quantity and quality — has been rooted in the fact that in joining Beth Tfiloh, one becomes more than just a member of a congregation; one becomes part of a family: the Beth Tfiloh family. Some of us are strictly observant, others far removed from traditional Jewish practices; some of us read Hebrew, others can only pray in English; some of us come from strong Jewish backgrounds, others have only recently developed an interest in Judaism. It is a diverse family, but it is a family where personal observance, knowledge, station, wealth, age and gender do not alter the equality, acceptance, treatment, or respect due to all the members of one’s family — to all of God’s children.


Beth Tfiloh is a unique institution on the American scene, one of the very few that brings together such a diverse group. Indeed, never before in our long history have we had as many families affiliated with Beth Tfiloh. We are able to reach out to so many, and impact upon so many, because we have been able to remain faithful to our tradition, but never “stuck” in our ways. We combine the timeless truths of our heritage with the most modern programming and facilities.


Beth Tfiloh has the potential to do for you what it has done for so many — to make your lives meaningful and your commitment to Judaism deeper and stronger. We are a warm, caring, intimate family . . . supportive and understanding of one another; sources of strength and joy and consolation and inspiration to one another; cherishing each soul with love and sensitivity. Beth Tfiloh is not a congregation for saints. It is a congregation for people like you and me — people searching for meaning in their lives, spirituality in their existence, pride in their Judaism; people who wish to transmit all this to their children and their children’s children.


Won’t you join us in our quest?


Most sincerely,


Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg

    • Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg

      Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg

Beth Tfiloh Congregation
Roz & Marvin H. Weiner Family Campus | 3300 Old Court Road, Baltimore, MD 21208 | 410-486-1900 | mail@bethtfiloh.com
Celebrating the Joy of Judaism. Embracing all Jews.
One of the leading Modern Orthodox synagogues in America, with a diverse membership, and an extensive offering of religious services, classes and year-round Jewish programming for all ages.