Synagogue Video Gallery

  • Rabbi Chaim Wecker: Spending Time with Family

  • Rabbi Dr. Eli Yoggev: Find your own Unique Song

  • Rabbi Chai Posner: The Days of Awe

  • Hazzan Avi Albrecht: A Year of Happiness

  • Rabbi Chaim Wecker: Parshat Nitzavim-Vayeilech, first aliyah

  • Rabbi Chaim Wecker: A Year of Learning

  • Rabbi Dr. Eli Yoggev: A Year of Growth

  • Rabbi Chai Posner: The Importance of Prayer

  • Rabbi Chaim Wecker: Parshat Ki Tavo, first aliyah

  • Rabbi Dr. Eli Yoggev: Bringing Life Back to Shul

  • A Sticky Situation

  • Rabbi Chai Posner: The meaning of Elul

  • Parshat Shoftim, first aliyah

  • Rabbi Chaim Wecker: The Laws of Milk & Meat

  • Rabbi Chaim Wecker: Parshat Re'eh - First Aliyah

  • Rabbi Dr. Eli Yoggev: What Makes Meat Kosher?

  • Rabbi Chai Posner: Seven Weeks of Comfort

  • Chazzan Albrecht: Remembering Yerushalayim

  • Rabbi Chaim Wecker: Parshat Devarim, first aliyah

  • Rabbi Chaim Wecker: Parshat Matot-Masei, first aliyah

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