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2018-19 High School Athletic Department Awards Celebration

BT celebrated the achievements of our student-athletes who have worked so hard representing Beth Tfiloh athletics throughout this school year.
IAAM Character coins 
All of our girls’ high school teams compete in the interscholastic athletic association of Maryland, or IAAM. At the beginning of each season, each Girls Varsity Head Coach receives two IAAM Character Coins. Coaches have the opportunity to present Character Coins to two opposing players during the season. These are players who display significant elements of fair play, integrity and respect. We are proud to recognize the following girls who were presented with CHARACTER COINS this season:
  • Girls Varsity Soccer: Jenna L-B. ‘19
  • Girls Varsity Basketball: Eden H. ‘19 & Sarah S. ‘21
  • Girls Varsity Indoor Soccer: Sophie D. ‘20
  • Girls Varsity Swimming: Jenna F. ‘21
All-Conference Selections
  • Boys Varsity Soccer: Justin T. ‘19
  • Girls Varsity Tennis: Leah G. ‘21 & Shoshi D. ‘21
  • Boys Cross Country: Jack L. ‘19
  • Girls Varsity Volleyball: Audrey D. ‘22
  • Girls Varsity Indoor Soccer: Natalie G. ‘19 & Sophie D. ‘20
  • Boys Varsity Basketball: Harris G. ‘19 & Gav L. ‘19
  • Girls Varsity Basketball: Sarah S. ‘21
  • Girls Varsity Lacrosse: Ali K. ‘21 & Marissa R. ‘21
  • Boys Varsity Lacrosse: Justin T. ‘19
  • Varsity Golf: Noah B. ‘21 & Jacob R. ‘19
  • Boys Varsity Baseball: Josh F. ‘19 & Sage F. ‘19
Weiner Tournament All-Stars
  • Girls All-Tournament team: Sarah S. ’21, 1st Team
  • Boys All-Tournament team: Gav L. ’19, 2nd Team; Harris G. ’19, 1st Team
McCormick Unsung Hero Awards: Toby B. ‘19 and Ryan R. ‘19. 
For the first time Beth Tfiloh nominated athletes for the McCormick Unsung Hero award. These nominees makes substantial contributions to the team that do not translate into statistics or earn recognition in any other form. Unsung Heroes sometimes deal with hardships. As related to this award, hardships should pertain to issues that must be overcome or dealt with to be a member of the team. The main drivers of an Unsung Hero are character traits that include but are not limited to dedication, kindness, commitment, reliability, enthusiasm, positive attitude, respect, and unselfish behavior.

Team Award Recognitions
Congratulations to the three BT teams that earned banners this year:
  • Girls JV Volleyball Champions
  • Girls JV Basketball – “C” Conference Champions who went undefeated.
  • JV boys Tennis came in 2nd place in the team tournament. Won 3 out 5 seeds in the individual tournament: Nathaniel L. ‘21 and Noah R. ‘21 won #1 doubles, Josh R. ‘21 won #2 singles, and Ethan S. ‘21 won #3 singles
Student Athletic Service Awards: Benny K. ‘19, Ari R. ‘19 and Rebecca G. ‘19
This award goes to three individuals for being active in the Weiner tournament, team activities, Sunday sports, and managing multiple teams. These students have positively influenced everyone around them.

Alumni Service Award: Isabella Shapiro ‘13 
This award honors a BT alum who has made a significant contribution to the Beth Tfiloh Athletic Department. Over the past five years, this alum has coached Girls JV Basketball and Girls Middle School Lacrosse. 

Girls Varsity Cross Country, Coach: Alexa Eckley
  • Most Improved Player : Gabby P. ‘21
  • Unsung Hero Award: Emma P. ‘20
  • Coach’s Award: Gabrielle G. ‘19
  • Most Valuable Player: Meira K. ‘19
Boys Varsity Cross Country, Coach: Adam Klaff ‘94
  • Most Improved Player: Jacob W. ‘21
  • Unsung Hero Award: Guy M. ‘21
  • Coaches Award: Jonathan A. ‘19
  • Most Valuable Player Award: Jack L. ‘19
Girls Varsity Soccer, Coach Edward Hayford
  • Most Improved Player : Allison S. ‘21
  • Unsung Hero Award: Marissa R. ‘21
  • Coach’s Award: Kayla S. ‘21
  • Most Valuable Player: Avital D. ‘21
Boys JV Soccer, Coach: Kwame Dickinson
  • Most Improved Player Award: Ronen S. ‘21
  • Unsung Hero Award: Isaac T. ‘21
  • Coach’s Award: Simon G. ‘21 & Aaron G. ‘22
  • Most Valuable Player Award: Nathaniel L. ‘21 & Gabe H. ‘22
Boys Varsity Soccer, Coach: Marc Burkom ‘98
  • Most Improved Player Award : Eitan M. ‘19
  • Unsung Hero Award: Bradley H. ‘19
  • Defensive Player of the Year: Ryan R. ‘19
  • Offensive Player of the Year: Ofir S. ‘21
  • Most Valuable Player: Justin T. ‘19
JV Volleyball (2), Coach: Christy Callahan
  • Most Improved Player : Shira K. ‘22
  • Unsung Hero Award: Erela I. ‘22
  • Coach’s Award: Sarah W. ‘22
  • Most Valuable Player: Ella F. ‘22
JV Volleyball (1), Coach: Andre Quattlebaum
  • Most Improved Player : Gabriella A. ‘22
  • Unsung Hero Award: Shoshana Z. ‘20
  • Coach’s Award: Harper G. ‘21
  • Most Valuable Player: Shayna L. ‘21
Girls Varsity Volleyball, Coach: Ken Peirce
  • Most Improved Player : Monica M. ‘20
  • Unsung Hero Award: Talia M. ‘21
  • Coach’s Award: Shira P. ’19
  • Most Valuable Player: Audrey D. ‘22
Girls Varsity Tennis, Coach: Michael Cianos
  • Most Improved Player : Arden Z. ‘20 & Abbey S. ‘20
  • Unsung Hero Award: Shoshi D. ‘21
  • Coach’s Award: Eden H. ‘19
  • Most Valuable Player: Leah G. ‘21
Girls JV Basketball, Coach: Stacy Fuld ‘02
  • Most Improved Player : Ali C. ‘22
  • Unsung Hero Award: Talia M. ‘21 & Naomi C. ‘21
  • Coach’s Award: Allison S. ‘21
  • Most Valuable Player: Kayla S. ‘21 & Marissa R. ‘21
Girls Varsity Basketball, Coach: Sonya Howell
  • Most Improved Player : Eden S. ‘20
  • Unsung Hero Award: Sarah S. ‘21
  • Coach’s Award: Ariella S. ‘19 & Ali K. ‘21
  • Most Valuable Player: Eden H. ‘19
Boys Freshman/Sophomore Basketball, Coach: Aaron Stein ‘15
  • Most Improved Player Award : Eran F. ‘21
  • Unsung Hero Award: David G. ‘21
  • Coach’s Award: Ari G. ‘21
  • Most Valuable Player Award: Ronen S. ‘21l
Boys JV Basketball, Coach: Eli Creeger ‘03
  • Most Improved Player : Brady P. ‘21
  • Unsung Hero Award: Benny E. ‘22
  • Coach’s Award: Noah R. ‘21
  • Most Valuable Player: Josh A. ‘21 & Simon G. ‘21
Boys Varsity Basketball, Coach: Ari Braun
  • Most Improved: Eli G. ‘20
  • Unsung Hero Award: Justin T. ‘19
  • Coach's Award: Ryan R. ‘19
  • Most Valuable Players: Harris G. ‘19 and Gav L. ’19 
Our most valuable players are two athletes who each had record-breaking seasons. Harris G. ‘19 joined the 1,000 point club and posted the following career totals 1008 points, 242 rebounds, 272 assists, and 107 steals. He was also 3x MIAA All-Conference Selection, 3x MIAA C Conference Semifinalist, 3x Weiner Tournament All-Tournament Selection.

Gav L. ’19 broke the school record by making 132 three pointers. According to MaxPreps he ranks 19th in the country and #1 in the state of MD in made 3’s. It’s also the most 3’s made in the state since 2014-15. He was also selected all conference and made 2nd team all-tournament for the Weiner tournament.
Girls Varsity Indoor Soccer, Coach: Brendan Kennedy
  • Most Improved Player: Chaviva N. ‘20
  • Unsung Hero Award: Natalie G. ‘19
  • Coach’s Award: Toby B. ‘19
  • Most Valuable Player: Sophie D. ‘20
Girls Varsity Swimming, Coach: Julianna Randazzo
  • Most Improved Player : Nomi B. ‘21
  • Unsung Hero Award: Gabrielle G. ‘19
  • Coach’s Award: Jaclyn W. ‘21
  • Most Valuable Player: Jenna F. ‘21 & Meira K. ‘19
Boys Varsity Swimming, Coach: Julianna Randazzo
  • Most Improved Player Award : Matan T. ‘22
  • Unsung Hero Award: Jacob B. ‘19
  • Coach’s Award: Ethan M. ‘21
  • Most Valuable Player: Jack L. ‘19 & Mathew R. ‘20
Girls Varsity Lacrosse, Coach: Tracey Roman
  • Most Improved Player : Maya B. ‘22
  • Unsung Hero Award: Talia M. ‘21 & Sophie P. ‘22
  • Coach’s Award: Hailey G. ‘19 & Rebecca G. ‘19
  • Most Valuable Player: Ali K. ‘21, Marissa R. ‘21 & Sara B. ‘20
Boys Varsity Lacrosse, Gary Pedroni / Ed Gold
  • Most Improved Player Award : Ben M. ‘20
  • Unsung Hero Award: Zach V. ‘19
  • Coach’s Award: Eran F. ‘21, Drew G. ‘21r & Brady P. ‘21
  • Most Valuable Player Award: Justin T. ‘19
Boys JV Tennis, Coach: AJ Bingaman
  • Most Improved Player : Noah R. ‘21
  • Unsung Hero Award: Philip S. ‘22
  • Coach's Award: Josh R. ‘21
  • Most Valuable Player Award: Nathaniel L. ‘21
Boys Varsity Tennis, Coach: Millad Sajjad
  • Most Improved Player Award : Michael M. ‘19
  • Unsung Hero Award: Jacob B. ‘19 & Ben G. ‘19
  • Coach's Award: Acey V. ‘19
  • Most Valuable Player Award: Jeremy G. ‘19
Girls Varsity Track, Coach: Sonya Howell
  • Most Improved Player : Tobbi C. ‘21
  • Unsung Hero Award: Eden H. ‘19
  • Coach’s Award: Elana S. ‘19
  • Most Valuable Player Award: Meira K. ‘19
Boys JV Track, Coach: Sonya Howell
  • Most Improved Player: Matan T. ‘22
  • Unsung Hero Award: Jamie D. ‘21
  • Coach’s Award: Ari G. ‘21
  • Most Valuable Player Award: Aaron G. ‘22
Boys Varsity Track, Coach: Sonya Howell
  • Most Improved Player: Michael S. ‘20
  • Unsung Hero Award: Joe L. ‘21
  • Coach’s Award: Jack L. ‘19
  • Most Valuable Player Award: Ofir S. ‘21
Varsity Golf, Coach: Joe Ciattei
  • Most Improved Player: Henry D. ‘21
  • Coach's Award: Jason S. ‘19
  • Unsung Hero Award: Noah B. ‘21
  • Most Valuable Player Award: Jacob R. ‘19
Boys Varsity Baseball, Coach: Ari Braun
  • Most Improved Player : David D. ‘19
  • Unsung Hero Award: Avi G. ‘21
  • Coach's Award: Josh C. ‘19
  • Most Valuable Player Award: Sage F. ‘19 & Josh F. ‘19
Girls Varsity Softball, Coach: Stacey Hachenberg
  • Most Improved Player : Hannah W. ‘20
  • Unsung Hero Award: Toby B. ‘19
  • Coach’s Award: Alexis L. ‘21
  • Most Valuable Player Award: Alyssa F. ‘21
Tri-Sport Athlete Award 
It takes a special student-athlete to play three sports throughout high school in addition to all their other responsibilities. We would like to give a special award to 11 SENIORS at BETH TFILOH who played three sports all four years: Toby B. ’19, Jacob B. ’19, Jeremy G. ’19, Hailey G. ’19, Meira K. ’19, Jack L. ’19, Jenna L-B ’19, Eitan M. ’19, Ryan R. ’19, Ariella S. ’19, and Justin T. ‘10

2019 Senior Scholar Athlete Award
These students have distinguished themselves as one of the most outstanding students in their class while earning recognition as an outstanding athlete as well: Jacob B. ’19, Josh F. ’19, Sage F. ’19, Meira K. ’19, Zach V. ’19 and Acey V. ‘19 

Athlete of the Year Awards
Female Athlete of the Year: Eden H. ‘19
Eden is a three-sport athlete who was on the Varsity Tennis, Basketball and Track teams. She was an individual finalist in Girls’ Varsity Tennis, and an award winner for all three teams she played on. She is a dedicated, hardworking team leader!
Male Athlete of the Year: Jack L. ‘19
Jack competed on Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Swimming and Varsity Track and Field. He was all-conference in Cross Country and now holds Beth Tfiloh’s school record in the 100 Meter Back Stroke. He also qualified for the MIAA championship meet in track and was an award winner for all three teams he played on.

Russel Athletic Awards
The Russel Athletic Award honors the most outstanding athletes who exhibited excellence in athletics, leadership, and character over their FOUR years as a Beth Tfiloh athlete.

Female Russel Athletic Award Winner: Meira K. ’19
Meira has been an outstanding three sport athlete throughout her Beth Tfiloh athletic career. She competed on Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Swimming, and Varsity Track and Field during her four years at Beth Tfiloh. Meira received MVP in each one of her sports. She also received the senior scholar award as well as the tri-athlete. Her enthusiasm and positive work ethic has made her a role model for all her teammates. She finished 3rd at conference championships in the women’s 100 Breast Stroke and was the 2018 Female Athlete of the Year. Meira carries herself at all times in a manner which represents Beth Tfiloh in the best way possible. I am proud to honor her as one Beth Tfiloh’s best student-athletes.

Male Russel Award Winners: Justin T. ’19 and Ryan R. ‘19
Justin T. ’19 has been a three-sport athlete throughout his Beth Tfiloh athletic career. He played Varsity Soccer, basketball and lacrosse during his 4 years of high school. Since he first came to BT, he has set the standard for every team he has played on with his incredible efforts on game day and his unrelenting competitive drive. He was named all-conference twice in soccer and all four years in lacrosse. His constant hustle and clutch performances will be long-remembered by his coaches and teammates alike.

Ryan R. ’19 has been a three sport athlete throughout his Beth Tfiloh athletic career. He played Varsity Soccer, Basketball and Lacrosse during his four years at Beth Tfiloh. On every team he has played for, he has served as a leader, always encouraging his teammates and keeping the team focused and motivated. His athleticism and unselfishness made him a versatile and dependable performer. Despite an injury that shortened his senior campaign, he unmistakably remained a part of the team with his vocal presence on the sidelines.

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