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Recognizing Achievements, Character and Community at High School Awards

Congratulations to the following Beth Tfiloh High School students and faculty members whose achievements, character and community involvement were celebrated at the 2019 High School and Unsung Hero awards ceremonies!
Faculty Award
The Student Government presented the Mr. Paul Bolenbaugh Teacher of the Year Award on behalf of the entire High School to: Mrs. Debbie Allen
Student Awards
  • The Jewish Theological Seminary Ahavat Torah Award: Sara B. ‘20
  • Chatham University Rachel Carson Healthy Planet Award: Eden B. ‘20
  • The Brandeis Book Award for Social Action and Civic Engagement: Elyana F. ‘20
  • Princeton Alumni Award Beth Tfiloh Nominee: Selena S. ‘20
  • Princeton Alumni Award: Samuel R. ‘20
  • The Dartmouth Book Award: Rebecca C. ‘20
  • The Wellesley College Book Award: Emma P. ‘20
  • The Tulane Book Award: Steven H. ‘20
  • The George Washington University Book Award: Andrew U. ‘20
  • Community Safety & Service Award from the Chesed Fund and Project Ezra of Baltimore: Samantha W. ’20 and Coby Z. ‘20
  • Beth Tfiloh Keter Shem Tov Award: Devin B. ’20, Sophie D. ’20, Lily G. ’21, Elchanan K. ’21, Mikel G. ’22 and Jenna L. ‘22
  • Beth Tfiloh High School Principal’s Award: Ilanit A. ’20, Yisroel A. ’20, Eliav H. ’21, Alma M. ’21, Ariella K. ’22 and Gideon R. ‘22


It’s no secret that we have a great school. Our student body is filled with unique personalities and different talents. Many students take part in multiple extracurriculars, volunteer regularly, and manage to keep a smile on their faces, even when overwhelmed. Today, we are going to recognize some of those students, whose quiet kindness and actions may often go unnoticed. Each grade has nominated two students to receive this “unsung hero” award.


Aryeh K. ‘22

If it’s either helping you out with homework, saying a bad pun, or simply texting you to have a good Shabbos, Aryeh always tries to spread positivity with his wonderful middos. The ability to not be a bystander and stand up for someone when they may be scared to do it themselves is a great skill to have, and Aryeh has mastered that skill. A determined Judaic studies student, Aryeh will help any peer, whether it’s with a question on Gemara or if it’s just to make someone laugh. Additionally, in davening or mincha, Aryeh always has his siddur turned to the right page not for himself but to give to others, in order to encourage prayer and a connection with Hashem.

Maya T. ‘22
At the start of ninth grade, many of us were bombarded with work, had a difficult time completing our homework, and still managed to participate in extra-curricular activities. But Maya does it all. She plays tennis, participates in HaZamir, Krav Maga, and she still has time to be the kindest, most respectful and generous person ever. For instance, in davening, Maya could be surrounded by people who are talking, chatting, and don’t show much interest in praying; but she will remain quiet and wait to say the blessing for the US army, her favorite one. On top of everything, Maya is the definition of kindness. She will lend her notes to anyone who needs, turn a frown upside down, refuse to associate herself with gossip, and will do whatever it takes to stand up for her friends. No matter what class or day, she will always have a bright smile on her face and will laugh hysterically at any joke, even if it’s terrible.


Kayla S. ‘21
Kayla is constantly going above and beyond to better the lives of people around her. I speak from experience when I say that Kayla cannot speak badly about someone else. When conversations unfortunately turn into gossip, Kayla respectfully disengages herself from the conversation, not wanting to offend anyone. Additionally, Kayla is constantly lending a hand to help her classmates with homework or to understand a topic. Also, she collects tzadaka every morning during davening. And Kayla does it all with a smile on her face.

Zach L. ‘21
Zach is always working behind the scenes. As a part of the tech crew for theatre productions as well as for assemblies, he never gets the recognition he rightfully deserves. He graciously takes his own time to help contribute to the community, yet no one even knows...After the shooting at the synagaouge in Pittsburgh, we had an impactful ceremony. For the next few days, candles were lit in the school, to remember the victims. Throughout the week, the candles stayed lit. This is because this student would relight the candles EVERY DAY. Modest, respectful, gracious, and always friendly...Zach, you are a 10th grade unsung hero!

Samantha W. ‘20
There are some people that, no matter what, never complain. Even when they are involved with the musical, slammed with homework, and G-d knows what other extracurriculars they have going on, they are quiet about it and don’t let it affect their mood. For Samantha, it seems natural. Samantha takes a “triple curriculum” — general studies, judaics, and EMT training. The fact that she committed so early on to this and is already a fully licensed EMT gives testament to how determined she is. Despite her hard work, she never hesitates to help out more.

Aleeza K. ‘20
Aleeza is simply incredible. There are very few people who have the compassion for others that she has. Time and time again, Aleeza has welcomed BT’s newest students and made them feel like they have been here for ages. In davening she is always praying not only for themselves and their own family’s wellbeing, but also for the wellbeing of her friends and her friends’ families. Aleeza cares a tremendous amount about others so much so that they are one of the club heads of KARE, a club geared towards recognizing people for their achievements. In addition, she is one of the people leading the clothing drive for CHANA, an organization helping abused woman. Aleeza is so kind and genuine and she is very deserving of this award.


Not only do we have incredible students who deserve this award, but we also have amazing faculty, whose devotion to this school and its students often goes un-applauded. We would like to honor two of our faculty members with the Unsung Hero award.

Ms. Gina Legaluppi
Our first staff unsung hero award is reserved for an amazing addition to our athletic department. Whether it’s being a dedicated athletic trainer, or just listening and being a good friend, Ms. Legaluppi never fails to care for BT students and bring a smile to their faces. She spends her time here rotating between her office and the fields or gyms supervising each and every athletic team to ensure that all students are healthy and cared for. Without her, we would not feel as safe or protected and able to play the sports that we love. Behind each happy player lies Ms. Legaluppi!

Mr. Chaim Sitrin
At Beth Tfiloh we are taught from a very young age the importance of family and community. Mr. Sitrin gives up time with his family in order to contribute to our school and shul community. He spends almost every day after school setting up for events, cooking for Shabbatons, making our hot lunches, and most importantly, ensuring everything involving food runs smoothly. For example, for our “Minute to Win It” spaghetti challenge, he enthusiastically agreed to make us a MASSIVE pot of spaghetti despite his myriad of responsibilities. Furthermore, for every in school Shabbaton, you will never miss him preparing and making sure we obtain our proper servings. Lastly, his positive attitude contributes so much to the school atmosphere.

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