Scholar-in-Residence: Sara Tillinger Wolkenfeld, Sefaria

Sara Tillinger Wolkenfeld is the Director of Education at Sefaria, one of the most popular online databases and interfaces for Jewish texts. She studied Talmud and Jewish Law at Drisha, Nishmat, and Beit Morasha and is passionate about expanding Jewish textual knowledge for all. 
9:55-10:15 am: WOMEN’S CLASS: They Too Were Included in that Miracle, Spector Board Room

What does it mean that women are included in certain miracles? Why does that effect our obligation in mitzvot?
11:20 am: SERMON: Old Wine, New Vessels: Ancient Text and Modern Media
Main Sanctuary – sermon for both services at the conclusion of davening
How does learning change when we experience texts through new media?

12:30-1:15 pm: Tiger or Helicopter? Mothering in Rabbinic Literature
Post Kiddush Class, Epstein Chapel
How do Rabbinic sources relate to the concept of motherhood? Where might we locate ourselves as parents within the texts of our tradition? This class will present some rabbinic conceptions of motherhood and allow us to explores our own preconceived notions of what it means to be a mother and how we integrate this role into our larger religious lives.
Supervised open gym & snacks available for preschool or lower school-aged kids during this class. Register online by Jan. 24.

5:10 pm: How Busy is Too Busy? An Ancient Question for Modern Times
Class during Seudah Shlishit, Tuvin Library
Thinking about the issue of multitasking through the lens of the halachic principle of “one who is engaged in a mitzvah is exempt from performing another mitzvah.”
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