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BT Men, formerly the Beth Tfiloh Brotherhood, is more than a Men's Club. A vital, active, function of this modern orthodox congregation, its members support a wide variety of activities. The financial support given to the synagogue and school by the BT Men supplies critical funding throughout the campus.
To find out more about the BT Men, please contact us at mail@btfiloh.org.
Past Presidents of the Beth Tfiloh Brotherhood:
Richard Goldsmith
Charles Jay
Louis Baer
Marc Leavey
Ken Hornstein
Frank Blatt
Sidney Cohen
Jay Danick
Harry Sommer
David Schwartz
Mark Eisen
Howard Davidov
David Josephs
Stephen Baer
Charles Caplan
S. Harold Cohen
Jacob Miliman
Lester Belsky
Meyer C. Kresin
Solomon H. Snyder
Norwood Shpritz
Lee N. Sachs
Stanley Aronoff
Kenneth B. Lewis
Joseph Waranch
H. Getzi Spector
Irving W. Winegrad
Robert F. Stofberg
Lee J. Etelson
Alvert L. Simpson
Meyer M. Cardin
David A. Bomstein
Joseph W. Lazinsky
Morris Shor
Ellis Peregoff
Michael Hankin
Alvin Cheslock
S. Morrix Abramowitz
Leo Altfelder
Samuel David
I. F. Kartman
Joseph Allen
Albert H. Shillman
Sidney A. Needle
Samuel J. Keiser
Beth Tfiloh Congregation
Roz & Marvin H. Weiner Family Campus | 3300 Old Court Road, Baltimore, MD 21208 | 410-486-1900 | mail@bethtfiloh.com
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