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Virtual Vacations

No need to pack your bags… just make sure your devices are fully charged for BT’s virtual vacations! Professional tour guides from Keshet Educational Journeys will transport you around the world and back in time to explore the Jewish history, people and culture of three destinations: biblical Jerusalem, “Golden Age” Cordoba and medieval Poland.
Virtual Vacations: Destination: Jerusalem
Sunday, November 22, 2020, 3 pm

Join Danny Ehrlich for a virtual guided tour in the Old City of Jerusalem. We’ll step back 2,700 years to the days of the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah who walked and taught there and unravel some of the layers of the Jewish “love affair” with Jerusalem, as we gain insight into how Jerusalem became so important to the Jewish people.
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Virtual Vacations:
Destination: Spain
Sunday, December 20, 2020, 3 pm

The 1,000-year Jewish story of Sepharad (Spain and Portugal) is one of triumph and despair. Join Keshet’s Kayla Ship for a virtual tour of Cordoba, home of Hasdai ibn Shaprut, Yehuda Halevi, and Maimonides, and impressive landmarks such as La Mezquita. Kayla Ship will highlight the “Golden Age” of Spain and its contribution to Hebrew poetry, science, medicine, and Jewish philosophy.
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Virtual Vacations:
Destination: Poland
Sunday, January 10, 2021, 3 pm

Join Danny Ehrlich for an overview of the story of the Jews of Poland past, present and future as we consider these questions: Why did medieval Poland welcome Jews when almost every other country in Europe was expelling its Jews? How did Jewish life flourish in Poland for more than 1,000 years despite rampant anti-Semitism? What is the truth about Poland vis-a-vis its Jews during the Shoah? What is the status of the Jewish community in Poland today?
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Danny Ehrlich is the Educational Director of Keshet Educational Journeys. He coordinates Keshet’s Jewish Heritage Tours in Europe and has been guiding educational journeys to Poland for almost 20 years, including Beth Tfiloh High School’s Natanzon/Taylor Senior Trip to Poland and Israel.
Kayla Ship is the Program Director at Keshet Educational Journeys and coordinates and guides Keshet’s Jewish Journeys to Sepharad (Spain & Portugal). 

For more information, contact the Cherie Brownstein: csbrownstein@btfiloh.org, 410-413-2220

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