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2021 High School Awards

Congratulations to the following Beth Tfiloh High School 9-th-11th grade students whose achievements, character and community involvement were celebrated at the 2021 High School awards ceremonies! 
Mr. Paul Bolenbaugh Teacher of the Year Award  
The Student Government presented the Mr. Paul Bolenbaugh Teacher of the Year Award on behalf of the entire High School to Dr. Neil Rubin. As our students described him: 

“He is always there for me, and has so much knowledge and experience that any advice he gives always seems to work. I know that I can go to him for anything, whether its classroom related or not.” 
“He is always willing to listen to us, and never hesitates to do extra work or spend extra time with us when we need it.” 
“A devoted educator, and a friend to all students.”  
Student Awards
Keter Shem Tov Award: Adrian M. ‘24, Gabrielle M. ‘24, Ilan S. ‘23, Gaia P. ‘23, Allie C. ‘22 and Avi S. ‘22  
Principal’s Award: Azriel M. ‘24, Noa R. ‘24, Chloe L. ‘23, Micah W. ‘23, Daniel A. ‘22 and Sophie P. ‘22 
Book Awards 
  • Beth Tfiloh nominee for the Princeton Alumni Award: Gabriella C. ‘22 
  • Wilkes University’s Colonel Emerging Leader Award: Mikel G. ‘22, Lilly P. ‘22 and Jacob S. ‘22 
  • University of Vermont Citizen Scholar Book Award: Shira K. ‘22  
  • The Jewish Theological Seminary Ahavat Torah Award: Gideon R. ‘22 
  • Beth Tfiloh nominee for the Princeton Alumni Award: Phillip S. ‘22 
  • The Tulane Book Award: Tal S. ‘22 
Aish Tamid Award:
  • Tzipora E. ‘24 
  • Mali T. ‘22 
  • Mikel G. ‘22 
  • Avi S. ‘22 
  • Elan K. ‘24 
  • Louis F. ‘24 
  • Azriel M. ‘24 
  • Noam E. ‘24 
  • Yonah L. ‘23 
  • Micah W. ‘23  
  • Noam B. ‘24 
  • Eliezer S. ‘24 
  • Yonatan K. ‘23 
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