Paul Ellin Holocaust Fund
Support Holocaust education at BTDCHS
Alumni Fund
Established by the Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School Alumni Council

Beth Jacob Congregation Scholarship Fund 

Morris Friner Memorial Fund

Laurence M. Katz Israel Trip Fund
Financial Aid for senior class trip to Israel

Levine Family Arts Appreciation Fund
Support classical and fine arts and music education programs

Louis D & Morton J. Macks Art Fund
Support for Arts Education

Louis D. & Morton J. Macks Library Fund
Support for High School Library

Ralph Meyerstein Holocaust Memorial Fund
Financial Aid for senior Seminar to Poland and Israel

The Natanzon and Taylor Family Israel/Poland Trip Fund
Finanlcial Aid for Senior Trip

Mollie & Aaron Schwartz Israel Trip Fund
Financial Aid for Senior class trip to Israel

Joseph & Rose Lazinsky Library Fund
Support for School Libraries
Rae & Milton Samuelson Fund

Holly and Steve Venick & Family Extracurricular Activity Fund

Yad B' Yad Fund
Helps provide short-term needs to BT families who are going through unforseen challenges

Garfinkel Family Learning Assistance Fund
Financial Aid for testing and support for children with special needs

Director of Education Discretionary Fund

Grandparents' Circle of Books
Purchase of book for Lower School Library ($36 minimum)
Orah Fund
Support for Middle School Academic Support Program

Irene and Robert Russel Fund ­
Roz and Marvin H. Weiner Educational Learning Assistance Fund
Sandy & Howard Rosenblatt Siddur Ceremony Endowment
Becky and Josh Brenner Fund

Sandy and Sheldon Dobres Middot Program Endowment
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