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JMORE magazine's Amanda Krotki as she blogs her way through Rabbi Eli Yoggev's "Judaism for Beginners," a free 13 week crash-course on the basics of Jewish belief, thought, and practice.
"I didn’t go to Hebrew school, and I never had a bat mitzvah. I really like shellfish. I grew up in Salt Lake City, for gosh sake! But I am 100 percent, certifiably, pure-grade Jewish. Both parents, all grandparents and so on and so forth. My lineage is legit," writes JMORE's Amanda Krotki. "...Perhaps it’s time I adopted the true traditions of my religion and got some knowledge. Luckily for me, Rabbi Eli Yoggev of Beth Tfiloh Congregation may be just the guy to drop some Yiddishkeit on my tuchas."

Follow Amanda as she blogs her way through this 13-week crash course:

Preview: Jewy by Nature
Week 1: A (Gefilte) Fish Out of Water

...Or join the class yourself!
This course is designed for those who are converting, who have recently converted, or who are just interested in deepening their understanding of living Jewishly.

The course schedule is as follows:
Nov. 19: What You Need to Know About Judaism
Nov. 26: Foundations of Jewish Belief
Dec. 3: Jewish History 101
Dec. 10: Daily Jewish Living
Dec. 17: Life Cycle Events
Dec. 24: Prayer
Dec. 31: No class
Jan. 7: Jewish Spirituality

Jan. 14: Introduction to Jewish Law and Custom
Jan. 21: Shabbat
Jan. 28: Festivals

Feb. 4: Hot Button Issues
Feb. 11: "Ask the Rabbi" Session

“We are excited to provide an opportunity for those who are curious about Judaism to ask their questions on the fundamentals of our age-old tradition,” says Rabbi Yoggev.

The course takes place at Beth Tfiloh Congregation on Monday evenings from 7-8 pm in the Spector Boardroom. It will run through February 11, 2019.

For more information or to sign up for this class, contact
Beth Tfiloh Congregation
Roz & Marvin H. Weiner Family Campus | 3300 Old Court Road, Baltimore, MD 21208 | 410-486-1900 |
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