Rabbi Chai Posner Appointed to Succeed Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg in January 2022

In an historic, unanimous vote, the members of Beth Tfiloh Congregation, appointed Rabbi Chai Posner to success Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg as BT’s senior-most rabbi, effective January 1, 2022. Rabbi Wohlberg will retire from full-time rabbinic duties and will transition to the role of rabbi-in-residence through December 2025.
Rabbi Wohlberg has been Beth Tfiloh’s rabbi for more than 40 years and is also the dean of the Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School. Not only has he had a significant impact on congregants for more than four decades, he has also made an everlasting impact on the City of Baltimore and the international Jewish community as a whole.

“In my four decades of leadership at Beth Tfiloh, I have had the opportunity on a daily basis to remind people of the joy of Judaism and nothing has brought me more joy, but times are changing,” said Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg, Senior Rabbi, Beth Tfiloh Congregation. “It is time to transition to a new rabbi with new ideas, with new blood, someone who is able to reach the broadest element of our congregation on the one hand, and a younger and perhaps more religiously observant Jewish generation on the other. You’ve got that with Rabbi Posner.”

Rabbi Chai Posner joined the Beth Tfiloh Congregation clergy in 2010 and has been involved in all aspects of the congregation — leading services in the minyan and the sanctuary, giving Divrei Torah, providing a rabbinic presence for lifecycle events and teaching classes for adults in the Mercaz Dahan Center. The announcement of Rabbi Posner to senior rabbi came after a multi-year search process that included a strategic plan for senior rabbinic leadership succession and ultimately the recommendation of Rabbi Posner to be the next senior rabbi of the congregation.

“Beth Tfiloh Congregation is, has, and always will be a thriving Modern Orthodox synagogue,” said Rabbi Chai Posner. “Throughout its nearly 100 years of existence, Beth Tfiloh has remained rooted in tradition while successfully adapting to the world around it. I look forward to keeping Beth Tfiloh the special place that it is.”

Beth Tfiloh Congregation’s leadership concurs. “It was a unique privilege and a distinct honor to be a part of Beth Tfiloh history,” said Louis Schwartz, chair of Beth Tfiloh Congregation’s Board of Directors. “This is only the fourth time during our nearly 100-year history that we have chosen a new ‘senior’ rabbi. This is an extremely exciting time for Beth Tfiloh and we could not have made a better choice than Rabbi Posner.”

Ron Davis, president of Beth Tfiloh Congregation, commented that it was not hard to find Rabbi Wohlberg’s replacement. “After the search committee interviewed Rabbi Posner it was our unanimous decision that Rabbi Wohlberg’s successor was under our own roof.”

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