Learning to Better Understand our Children and Help them Be More Empathetic, Mindful and Resilient

Beth Tfiloh invites parents of PreSchool and Lower School children to join us for a free three-part parent education programs. Each session will take place at Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School's Russel Lower School Library, at 3300 Old Court Road, 21208 (use West Entrance). This series is free and open to the public.
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  • Jan. 20: How We Develop the Ability to Think About the Thoughts of Others

    Theory of Mind: How We Develop the Ability to Think About the Thoughts of Others
    Presented by Jonathan Flombaum, Ph.D.
    Friday, January 20 • 8:45-9:30 am, register by Jan. 18

    Theory of mind — the ability to understand that another individual has his or her own mental states — takes longer to develop that most people think, and can even be difficult for adults. Come hear Johns Hopkins University professor and researcher Dr. Jonathan Flombaum teach us about this interpretational ability and thereby give us insight into how children (and parents!) understand and interpret their friends’ and family members’ thoughts.

    Jonathan Flombaum, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of the Departments of Psychological and Brain Sciences, and Cognitive Science of Johns Hopkins University. His areas of interest include visual cognition, attention, and memory. He is the parent of two Beth Tfiloh students.
  • Mar. 24: Making Time for Mindfulness in our Multi-tasking World

    How to Incorporate Mindfulness Strategies into our Lives and the Lives of our Children
    Presented by Elana Weissman
    Friday, March 24 • 8:45-9:30 am, register by Mar. 22

    Mindfulness — the act of paying attention to what is happening in the present moment — has been proven to help adults and children improve their executive functions, like cognitive control, working memory, and cognitive flexibility, while decreasing levels of anxiety and depression. Trained as a mindfulness educator, Elana Weissman will share manageable ways to incorporate mindfulness practices into your family's life. 

    Elana Weissman, MSW, serves as Guidance Counselor for Beth Tfiloh Lower School and is pursuing her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at Johns Hopkins University. She is the parent of three Beth Tfiloh students.
  • May 5: From Stress to Resilience

    Why Children Struggle and How to Help Them Succeed
    Presented by Anne Townsend, Ph.D.
    Friday, May 5 • 8:45-10:45 am, register by May 3

    Our children experience higher stress levels than previous generations. This phenomenon creates behavioral and academic issues and impacts their general health and ability to function.

    Learn about the correlation between stress and behavior, and the research-based approaches to help children build the social-emotional competency they need to succeed with Anne Townsend, PhD. Dr. Townsend will also explain the three key factors for developing resilience, and five adult behaviors that can decrease stress and foster resilience.

    Dr. Anne Townsend, President & Chief Academic Officer of Mariposa Child Success Programs, wrote her dissertation on the impact of parenting and teaching behaviors on the long term academic achievement and development of social emotional competence in young students.

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