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Torah Insights by Rabbi Yoggev

Audio Divrei Torah

  • The Hamsa: Origins and Symbolism

    (8:30 min.)

  • Understanding the Yigdal Prayer

    Background on the Yigdal prayer alongsdie a comparison between Yigdal and Maimonides' list of 13 Principles of Jewish Faith. Click here for Maimonides' principles. (9 min.)

  • Five Intentions for Shofar Blowing

    Five intentions to enhance your shofar experience on Rosh Hashana. (8:30 min.)

  • Reasons for Shaking Lulav and Etrog

    (11 min.)

  • Why We Eat Cheesecake on Shavuot

    Five reasons for the custom of eating milk products on the holiday of Shavuot. (7:30 min.)

  • Differently Shaped Challahs

    Why are some challahs braded while others are round? What's behind the "key" (Schlissel) challah? (7:30 min.)

  • Enhancing Your Shabbos

    Practical tips for enhancing your Shabbos -- from lighting incense on Friday afternoon to designating a special food for the Shabbos. Also: a brief review of the candle-lighting laws. (10 min.)

  • Five Stages of the Havdalla Ceremony

    The symbolism behind the spices, candle, and blessings of the havdalla service. (10 min.)

  • Common Siddur Mistakes pt. 1

    Examples of the common shin-sin mix up. Also: hodu versus hodo. Based on the Koren Siddur. (7 min.)

  • Common Siddur Mistakes pt. 2

    Kaddish: bechayechon vs. bekayechon. Amida: liyeshenei vs. lishnei. Gomel: kol tov vs. kol tuv. Psukei Dezimra: bal vs. kol. Shema blessings: ba'al vs. bal. Based on the Koren Siddur. (8:30 min.)

  • Jewish Baby Naming Customs

    The ideal time to name; naming after living relatives; preferable names to name the child; giving multiple names; naming after impure animals. Click here for more information. (8 min.)

  • Marijuana in Halacha

    Halacha's view on marijuana usage--medicinal and recreational. A loose translation of R' Moshe's responsum (YD 3:35) can be found here. Click here  for more information (starting at 27:30). (9 min.)

  • Personal Prayer Tips from Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

    Six tips from Rebbe Nachman of Breslov's writings on how to pray to God on a personal level (hitbodedut). Click here for the accompanying source sheet. Excerpts taken from here. (10 min.)

  • The 4 Parts of Adon Olam

    "Cracking the Adon Olam code." Splitting the song into four parts in which the first two discuss God and the final two - our connection with God. (9 min.)

  • The Origins of the Jewish Star

    How did the Magen David become one of the most central Jewish symbols? What does it symbolize? Click here for a diagram of the hexagram/Magen David (6 points) and the pentagram (5 points). (7:30 min.)

  • Why do Jews Shuckle (Sway Back & Forth) During Prayer?

    Four reasons why Jews shuckle during prayer. (7 min.)

  • Parshat Bo: Egypt, Pharoah and the Mental Illness Taboo

    Audio recording of sermon comparing the "exile" and suffering of those in our community struggling with mental illness to the exile in Egypt. As a community, we must overcome taboos--extend love and speak openly about mental illness. (Parshat Bo 5779) (13 min.)

  • Why Don't We Mix Meat and Milk?

    Review of four possible reasons for the prohibition. Click here for Dennis Prager's view connecting meat and milk to death and life. (8 min.)


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