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The Mercaz Dahan Center for Jewish Life and Learning

Beth Tfiloh's Mercaz Dahan Center for Jewish Life and Learning offers accessible and intellectual classroom-style adult educational opportunities. Explore Mercaz’s weekly, monthly and special programming opportunities for your regular infusion of Torah and spirituality.

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  • BT in the AM – Monday Mornings (registration required)

    Trimester 1: October-December, Weekly, Mondays
    Class 1: The Genesis of Jewish Values
    9:30-10:20 am, facilitator: Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg
    How do Adam and Eve teach us about gender in the Jewish tradition? Should we always tell the truth? What does Abraham’s mourning of Sarah teach us about death and the afterlife? What are the important qualities for effective Jewish leadership? Learn and laugh with Rabbi Wohlberg while exploring Jewish values through the lens of the book of Bereishit.

    Class 2: Complex Conversations: An Insider’s View on Israel
    10:30-11:30 am, facilitators: BT shlichim Shani and Matan Shefler
    Get the inside scoop on hot button issues in Israel. In dialogue with guest presenters, the Sheflers will discuss polarizing topics such as Shabbat observance in a diverse population, kashrut and the Rabbanut, marriage, LGBTQ rights, understanding Israeli politics and how the IDF operates, and Israel advocacy.

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  • The Helene & Stanley Z. Penn Lecture featuring Amar’e Stoudemire: My Jewish Journey

    Wed., Nov. 9, 7:30 pm 

    NBA superstar, actor, author, producer, motivational speaker, philanthropist, and Orthodox Jew Amar’e Stoudemire has a unique story to tell. Join him in conversation with Rabbi Chai Posner as they discuss Amar’e’s calling to Judaism and how that guided his NBA career. They will also discuss what motivated Amar’e to undergo an Orthodox conversion, become an Israeli citizen, and start his own Kosher wine label. This is a conversation you don’t want to miss!

    The annual Helene and Stanley Z. Penn Lecture was established by Helene to commemorate the life of her beloved husband, Stanley Z. Penn. Stanley — cherished husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather — was an active Beth Tfiloh member, a successful businessman, attorney and a respected community leader.
  • Yaffe Scholars Zoom Series: Times for Transformation — Five-Part Series

    Holidays commemorate the past and give us pause to contemplate our future. Join renowned guest scholars and explore important themes and timely messages of some of the Jewish and secular holidays to inspire personal growth and change.
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  • Perspectives from the Prophets, Rabbi Dr. Eli Yoggev, Weekly

    Weekly, Mondays, 7 pm, October-December  
    Facilitator: Rabbi Dr. Eli Yoggev 

    Join Rabbi Dr. Yoggev for a stimulating discussion-based crash-course on the both the major and minor prophets. We will discuss questions such as: What is the Torah’s approach to Jews and non-Jews? What is an ethical war? Who is the ideal Jew? How do our political parties line up with the Torah’s ideal political system? Why do so many people hate the Jews? Why do tragedies happen to good people? And what is prophecy? 
  • A Taste of Talmud, Rabbi Jason Goldstein, Weekly

    Weekly, Wednesdays, 7 pm, October-December  
    Facilitator: Rabbi Jason Goldstein 

    Sharpen your analytical skills and learn to think like a sage through the study of the third chapter of Masechet Sukkah. Debate the moral and legal implications of the concept of a “mitzvah fulfilled by means of a sinful act,” using the case study of a stolen lulav and sukkah. Delve into the laws of the four species, why they’re still important today, and why we wave them during Hallel. 
  • Mercaz Book Club


    Monthly, Wednesdays mornings, 10-11 am, Nov. 30, Dec. 21, Jan. 25, Feb. 22, Mar. 29, May 10

    The book club will feature an impressive selection of books of Jewish interest, facilitated by Halaine Steinberg along with other presenters. Read and discuss the season’s best, most thought provoking books.
Communal Learning Experiences

Learn, live and engage Jewishly among friends with a variety of authentic, inspiring, and relevant communal learning experiences.

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  • Men’s Learning & L’chaims, Monthly, 8 pm

    Enjoy a monthly laid-back night of home hosted men’s learning with our BT clergy, featuring Dougie's BBQ and plenty of l'chayim. Co-sponsored by BT Men
  • Moms and Midrash: Biblical Women You Should Know, Chana Slavaticki, Monthly, 8 pm


    Oct. 15, Nov. 14, Jan. 9, Feb. 6, Mar. 22, May 1
    For mothers of preschool and lower school-aged children
    Carve some meaningful “me time” out of your busy schedule to engage in reflective Torah study with fellow moms on topics related to spirituality and personal growth. This year, meet some of the most notable female characters in the Torah, exploring their personalities, challenges, and strengths. Learn how their stories can inform our lives and empower us to find meaning and purpose as modern women and mothers.
  • The Joy of Jewish... (ongoing series)

    Tap into your creative spirit, connect with new and old friends, and experience Judaism anew in these fun and interactive workshops designed to spark joy. 

    The Joy of Jewish Community: Mosaic-Making
    Sun., Nov. 6, time TBA
    Join us for the launch of the BT community-wide Centennial Mosaic project! Lay tiles and engage in a short, inspirational text-study about the connection between Jewish community and mosaics.

    The Joy of Jewish Eating: Fried Pickles & Cocktails
    Tues., Dec. 13, time TBA

    Tickle your tastebuds with new recipes while exploring the historic roots of culturally Jewish foods at this live Chanukah cooking demonstration.

    Additional series dates to be announced
  • Women & Wisdom: Creating Sacred Spaces, Four-Part Series, 7:30 pm


    Dec. 20, Feb. 22, June 6

    For parents of teenage children

    Deepen your understanding of Jewish practice so you can provide thoughtful, informed answer to your teens’ questions about Judaism. Join fellow moms and Rabbi Posner, Rabbi Yoggev, Dr. Schorr and Chana Slavaticki for a four-part series on how to bring spirituality and holiness into your home and make it a sacred space.
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