Creativity Takes Shape: PreSchool 4's, High School Students Create Tessellations

Morah Terry and Morah Sonia's 4's collaborated with Mr. Glenn Hyman's High School geometry students to design and paint their own ceiling tile tessellations.
At the beginning of the year, Morah Terry and Morah Soonia's 4's noticed the High School's colorful ceiling tiles while walking through the halls. The tiles are covered in geometric tessellation designs, designed and painted by high school geometry students each year.

The students' fascination with these designs developed into a yearlong study of patterns. "They wanted to know all about the tessellations and who makes them," said Morah Terry, adding that they wanted to create their own tessellation-covered tiles.

BT PreSchool Director Melissa Lebowitz connected Morah Terry with High School Math Department Chair Mr. Glenn Hyman, who developed a collaborative project with the 4's teachers and his own High School math students. The students worked together during a couple of sessions to create their designs and paint them on ceiling tiles.

"Our children are absolutely thrilled as this is a fabulous culmination of our year's study of patterns," said Morah Terry. The final products were installed in their classroom during the last week of school, for all the students to proudly enjoy.

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