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Back to School FAQs

List of 15 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What forms are required for my child? 

    Required forms include your child's Health FormsEmergency Form and other forms specific to your child's division or grade. For complete details click the link for your child's division: 
    PreSchool forms  
    Lower School forms 
    Middle School forms 
    High School forms 

    If you need assistance accessing your child's forms, please contact Charlene Schimberg at or 410-413-2217. For help logging in or using the BT website, see Getting Started with the New MyBT Login Experience. 
  • Q. What school supplies does my child need? 

    All required school supplies are listed for each division and/or grade at 
  • Q. Does my child have any required summer assignments?

    Students entering Grades 2-12 have required summer assignments which are due the first day of school unless otherwise noted. View summer assignments. 
  • Q. What should my child wear to school? 

    Students in Kindergarten through 12th Grade are required to wear school uniforms and comply with our school Dress Code, including required Kippot for all boysStudents are expected to stay well within the intent of the dress code. See the Lower School Dress Code and the Middle/High School Dress Code 
    School uniforms can be purchased through Lands' End or Tommy Hilfiger 
    Gym uniforms (for Grades 5-12) and additional items are available through the BT SpiritWear shop. Students may wear khaki or navy pants or skirts that can be purchased from any store. Lower School students are required to have a white uniform shirt to wear on Rosh Chodesh. 
    Great values in gently used uniform shirts are available at the Parent Association's Non-Swap Shop in the LS Library classroomon Wednesday, August 28:  9am-11am and 3:30pm-5pm and Thursday, August 29: 8am-9:30 am and 6 pm - 7:30 pm. 
  • Q. When is the first day of school, orientation, and other important dates? 

    The first day of school is Thursday, August 29. A complete school calendar is available on our MyBT portal (login required) and on our public website 
    Student orientations for all students in PreSchool, Kindergarten, Grade 1, new students in Grades 2-4, 6-8, 10-12, and all Grade 9 students, will take place on Wednesday, August 28. Grade 5 student orientation will take place the first day of school. Further information will be sent by email.  
    Please note the following additional important dates: 
    • PreSchool Back to School Night – Sept. 12 
    • Middle School Back to School Night – Sept. 17 
    • Lower School Welcome Conference – Sept. 4 
    • High School Parent Orientation (For parents of all Grade 9 students and parents of new students in Grades 10-12) - Sept. 4 
    • High School Back to School Night – Sept. 18 
    • Lower School (Gr. 1-4 only) Back to School Night – Sept. 10
  • Q. What can my child bring for lunch?

    Kashrut - Kashrut is an important concept of Judaism that is taught at Beth Tfiloh with sensitivity and respect. Our school-wide lunch policy is that lunches brought from home must be either dairy or parve (I.e. neither meat nor dairy). Students may not bring meat or poultry products into school. 
    Nut Awareness Policy - PreSchool students may not bring any products that contain nuts for lunch, including nut butters (sunflower and soy nut butter is fine). Lower School parents are encouraged to avoid bringing to school foods that contain nuts. Individual classes will develop and communicate additional measures as needed for the protetion of children who have had previous anaphylactic reaction to nuts. 
  • Q. How can my child purchase a hot lunch?

    Hot lunch is available Monday through Thursday for students in Kindergarten through Grade 12.  
    Students in Middle School (Grades 5-8) and High School (Grades 9-12) may purchase lunch using prepaid accounts funded online through myschoolbucks.comParents will establish a cafeteria balance and students will use their PIN number to make purchases. View details. 
    Students in Lower School (Grades K-4) may purchase lunch by pre-order only, typically for a month in advance. Parents will receive email notification with a menu and a online order form. View details. 
    PreSchool students may purchase pizza on specified Wednesdays by pre-order only. View details. 
  • Q. When and where is drop-off and pick-up? 

    See Arrival and Dismissal Information for a detailed schedule and a map of drop-off and pick-up locations.  
  • Q. When do I find out my child's class assignments & schedule? 

    PreSchool and Lower School parents will receive an email the week before school with instructions to login into the BT website to view their child's class . 
    Middle School and High School students will receive their schedules the first day of school. 
  • Q. What after-school options are available? 

    • PreSchool and Lower School BT Plus extended day enrichment classes are available for children until 5 pm Monday through Thursday and until 3:30 pm on Fridays. Advance registration and fees apply. Contact Lindsay Gaister, 
    • 5th Grade students may try out for specified teams and will have a variety of sports clinics available.
    • Beginning in 6th Grade, students may try out for athletic teams. 
    • High School students may audition for both a fall and spring theatrical production, and may also be a member of the tech crew. 
    • Middle School students may choose to participate in after-school clubs, which will begin later in the fall.
    • Middle School students may audition for either the 5th grade or 6th-8th grade Middle School spring musicals.
    • Lower School students may participate in the Lower School production, which takes place at the end of the school year. 
  • Q. How does my child try out for a team or a play?

    • High School fall sports will have tryouts beginning on August 14thView tryout/practice schedule. 
    • Middle School fall sports will have tryouts beginning the first week in September. 
    • The Creative Arts Department will post an audition schedule and sign-up sheet for the fall production the first week of September. 
  • Q. Who do I contact to get help ?

    New school families are encouraged to call the Admissions Office for general assistance or guidance at 410-413-2308. 

    Office of Tuition & Financial Assistance - 410-413-2315

    Feel free to contact your child's school office with specific questions:
    • PreSchool - 410-413-2303
    • Lower School - 410-413-2500
    • Middle School - 410-413-2311
    • High School - 410-413-2400
    For help with the BT website, see Getting Started with the MyBT Portal or call Charlene Schimberg at 410-413-2217, or see our Website Help guides and resources.

  • Q. How can I plan a birthday party for my child that takes into account the religious needs of all of my child's classmates? 

    "How to Throw a Beth Tfiloh Birthday Party" addresses questions or concerns families may have to help plan a birthday celebration that is inclusive of BT classmates and respecting all levels of religious observance. The guide includes information about when to avoid scheduling parties, based on Shabbat, holidays and fast days, and detailed information about planning a kosher menu. Beth Tfiloh provides birthday party packages. See details. 
  • Q. How do I get involved in the Parent Association (PA)? 

    The BT Parent Association (PA) oversees a number of volunteer initiatives throughout the year, and facilitates educational, service and social activities for parents, as well as fund-raising to support school programs and activities. View the PA Resource page on our website, or contact Randi Abramson, PA President, at 
  • Q. How do I find out about Shabbat and holiday programs for my child? 

    The BT Youth Center sponsors a wide variety of Shabbat and holiday programs which are open to our school community. For more information see our website or contact Cherie Brownstein, Youth Director,, or 410-413-2220. 


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