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The Beth Tfiloh Uniform Makeover

What You Need to Know for 2021-22

View our new Spiritwear store details here

Our Beth Tfiloh community brand is getting a makeover – a new look for a new era as we kick off our Beth Tfiloh community’s centennial year. This makeover includes our school uniform as well, with a contemporary, fresh new look that reflects our school community’s culture of respect, consistency and pride.

New Designs and Colors
Our new line of polo shirts and dress code-approved tops will be available in cobalt/royal blue, light blue/blue, heather gray, and white (available colors vary depending on the particular item). We have discontinued the following shirt colors: pink, purple, yellow, navy blue and black.  

Where to Buy
See the complete list of approved styles and colors below. You can order the new uniform items from Lands’ End and Tommy Hilfiger.

Preferred school #900070947
Order online here
Order by phone: 1-800-469-2222

If you have purchased a Beth Tfiloh uniform shirt from Lands’ End in the past 90 days, you can exchange it for a shirt with the new logo. View Lands’ End school uniform returns policy here

Order online here l Tommy Hilfiger Ordering Instructions
Order by phone: 1-877-825-2860

If you have purchased a Beth Tfiloh uniform shirt from Tommy Hilfiger in the past 30 days, you can exchange it for a shirt with the new logo. View Tommy Hilfiger school uniform returns policy here

New Spirit Wear Store Coming this Summer
In addition to the new uniform shirt design and colors, we are launching an all-new Spiritwear line, with many dress code-approved tops in new designs and colors. The new line will be available in an online store launching this summer, and new items will be added throughout the year. See details here

Dress Code Transition Year
Please note that next year will be a uniform transition year. Your children will still be allowed to wear older uniform tops and dresses for the 2021-22 school year. Beginning with the 2022-2023 school year, only the new uniform styles and colors will be allowed.

Please note that gym uniforms are not required this year.

Dress Code Guidelines Compliance 
A new uniform look means taking another look at our dress code guidelines. Please note that all skirts and jumpers available from our two preferred vendors (Lands’ End and Tommy Hilfiger) will only be available in dress code-approved lengths to the knee. You are still able to purchase uniform pants and skirts elsewhere but please be mindful that the skirts should go to your child’s knee.

Please help us present ourselves in the way that demonstrates our values. We know we have discussed this and brought it to your attention before, but admittedly this past year we did not enforce it (for obvious reasons!). Please help your children represent our standards by supporting our stated dress code policies.  

Recycling Old Uniforms
We are exploring opportunities to recycle your retired uniforms that will help our community be environmentally responsible and raise funds for our school community – two mitzvot in one! I will share more details about this as soon as they are available.

Announcing the New Beth Tfiloh Spiritwear Store

Wear our new Beth Tfiloh brand in style!
Each of the following dress code approved items is available in a variety of designs and colors, and in youth and adult sizes:
  • Crewneck sweatshirts
  • Fleece jackets
  • Hoodies – full zip, premium and Sport Tek
A line of non–dress code approved spiritwear is also coming soon, with designs to show your love for our athletics teams (available seasonally), school clubs, performing arts and more.

Please note that gym uniforms are not required this year.

Many Convenient Payment Options
Pay for your new BT spiritwear with all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or four interest-free installments with Shop Pay.

Shipping Options
Your spiritwear order can be delivered to the school building for free, or to your doorstep (fees vary based on product weight). Please allow two weeks for production plus shipping time for all dress code-approved items.

A portion of your purchase benefits the Beth Tfiloh Parent Association

2021-22 Dress Code Guidelines

List of 2 items.



    Lower School dress code tops include the following items. A BT logo is required on all tops:
    • Long and short-sleeved polo tops
    • Long and short-sleeved blouses and oxfords
    • Sweaters and fleeces/sweatshirts
    • Turtlenecks and t-shirts are only permitted to be worn under a polo shirt
    • All students are required to wear short or long-sleeved polo shirts with the new Beth Tfiloh school logo in a variety of approved colors are available through Lands’ End and Tommy Hilfiger.
    • The line of "Feminine Fit" polo shirts is included in our school dress code for Lower School only. At least one polo shirt must be white for Rosh Chodesh and special events. 
    • Blue, cobalt, grey heather, white, and charcoal gray (available colors vary depending on the particular item and vendor).
    • We have discontinued the following colors: pink, purple, yellow, navy blue and black.  
    • Pants must be loose-fitting, ankle-length, and may not drag on the floor or have frayed bottoms.
    • Cargo and chino-style pants may be worn in Khaki or Navy, provided they are loose-fitting.
    NOT PERMITTED: Capri, stretch pants and leggings are not approved.
    Knee length khaki, or navy jumpers, skirts, skorts, or longer length shorts (shorts only may be worn during the months of August, September, October, April, May and June) available at a supplier of your choice. Leggings may be worn under skirts as long as the skirt meets the uniform standards.

    Short sleeve and long sleeve mesh polo dresses in approved colors may also be worn.

    FROM HEAD TO TOE (Kippot, Socks & Misc)

    Boys are required to wear kippot every day. Please keep extras in your child’s backpack.
    Socks or tights must be worn with shoes.
    • Nylon or denim fabric
    • Embellishments of any kind
    • Sweatpants, balloon pants, nylon pants or short shorts.
    • Leggings or stretch “skinny” pants of any fabric that fit like leggings may not be substituted for approved pants.
    • Clothing with holes, fraying, patches or clothing that is excessively tight or baggy
    • Excessive or dangling jewelry should not be worn for safety reasons. Stud earrings are the only permissible earnings which may be worn by girls.
    • Flip flops
    • Lower School students do not need to change for physical education.
    • Clothing and athletic shoes that are durable enough for the playground are also suitable for physical education.
    • All students must wear athletic shoes for physical education.
    On holidays such as Purim or specially designated occasions, the dress code may be lifted and students may be permitted to wear casual or “specialty” clothing. Parents will be notified in advance of these occasions.

    Students are required to wear polo style or loose-fitting oxford (button down) shirts in approved colors with an official Beth Tfiloh logo available through our vendors, Lands’ End and Tommy Hilfiger.
    NOT PERMITTED: Shirts labeled “Feminine Fit” are not approved as part of the Beth Tfiloh dress code.

    • Blue/light blue, cobalt/royal, grey heather, and white (available colors vary depending on the particular item and vendor)
    • We have discontinued the following shirt colors: pink, purple, yellow, navy blue and black.  
    • A extensive new line of dress-code approved spiritwear fleece tops, hoodies, tops are now available. Any items marked as dress-code approved may be worn to school.
    • Please note that students do not need to wear a uniform shirt under dress code-approved BT logo crew-neck sweatshirts.
    • A uniform shirt is still required beneath Beth Tfiloh school logo hoodies, jackets, quarter-zip and full-zip BT sweatshirts.
    NOT PERMITTED: Outdoor-type jackets may NOT be worn in the building during the school day.
    NOT PERMITTED: Spiritwear t-shirts, athletic team warm-up shirts, team t-shirts, and arts department t-shirts are NOT approved for dress code and may not be worn during the school day.
    All students are required to have at least one white uniform polo or oxford shirt to wear for special events and on field trips. 
    Turtlenecks & T-shirts (long and short-sleeve) in approved solid colors are allowed to be worn under a loose-fitting uniform shirt.


    Only approved uniform pant styles may be worn. Pants must be loose-fitting and ankle-length.

    The following approved pants may be worn in khaki or navy:
    CARGO PANTS – All vendors approved, provided they are loose-fitting.
    CHINO PANTS – All boys’ and girls’ style chino pants are approved, provided they are loose fitting.
    NOT PERMITTED: Pants may not drag on the floor or have frayed bottoms.

    Girls may wear skirts or jumpers meeting the following requirements:
    • Skirts should be flared and must reach the top of the knee without slits.
    • Uniform jumpers must reach the top of the knee or longer.
    • Plain, solid color leggings may be worn under skirts as long as the skirt meets the uniform standards.
    • Pants & jumpers may be worn in khaki or navy.
    • Skirts may be worn in khaki or navy. Denim skirts are not permissible.
    • Jeans in good condition (no holes). No form-fitting jean-style leggings will be permitted. No sweat pants, sport pants, pajamas, yoga pants or leggings permitted.
    • Long or short sleeve shirts (no capped sleeves).
    • T-shirts should have no inappropriate writing.
    • Shirts should be long enough to fully cover the waistband.
    • Collars should be close to the collarbone; low-cut necklines are not permitted.
    • No flip-flops or sandals.
    • No sweat pants or sport pants.
    • No shorts unless otherwise specified.
    • Boys must wear kippot.
    • No hats unless otherwise specified
    • Males: Shirt, tie, button-down shirt tucked in with dress code pants, or team uniform shirt with dress code pants. Basketball and track uniforms must be worn with a shirt underneath
    • Females: Dress up is permitted but the coverage of tops and length of skirts must meet dress code requirements, or team uniform shirt with dress code pants or skirt. Volleyball, basketball, track, softball and lacrosse players must wear shirts with longer short sleeves underneath their team uniform shirts.
    • No warm-up or practice shirts are permitted to be worn in school.
    FROM HEAD TO TOE (Kippot, Shoes & Misc.)

    Boys must wear a dress code-approved kippah at all times.
    Should a boy forget his kippah, he may purchase one in the School Office.
    NOT PERMITTED: Thin nylon kippot.
    Hair must be kept neat and clean
    NOT PERMITTED: Hair may not be dyed unnatural colors or shades.
    Sneakers and closed toe shoes are acceptable.
    NOT PERMITTED: Open-toe sandals, mesh slides, flip-flops, crocs, pool shoes, sport sandals, moccasins or any shoes resembling bedroom slippers.
    Plain, solid color leggings or tights may be worn under skirts as long as the skirt meets the uniform standards. Students may not wear sweatpants, athletic pants, or fishnet stockings under skirts.


    • Modest amounts of jewelry are acceptable.
    • Girls may wear earrings
    NOT PERMITTED: Girls and boys may not have facial piercings and boys may not wear earrings.

    Parents are welcome to shop anywhere they would like for pants, skirts and jumpers, provided that the items purchased meet our dress code guidelines.

    Suggested Vendors for Pants and Skirts:
    • Lands’ End (khaki, classic navy)
    • Tommy Hilfiger
    • Old Navy
    • Target
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