Our School Dress Code


Beth Tfiloh's goal is to create an environment that is professional and respectful of the fact that we are an educational institution where Torah is studied. These values are reflected in what our students wear and the way our students look. Studies have shown that appearance influences general performance. 

Students are expected to stay well within the intent of the dress code. We enlist our parents' support and assistance in ensuring compliance. Students may be disciplined or sent home for dress code violations at the discretion of the administration.

Parents and guests are asked to dress in a manner befitting a Jewish day school when they enter the building.


• A female advisor will be designated in each grade to oversee dress code enforcement, and will maintain an inventory of uniform shirts and approved skirts in various sizes.
• If a student is in noncompliance with the dress code, he or she will be required to change into a loaner garment to wear during the school day, take home, launder and return to school the next day. Parents will be charged for any loaner garments not returned. Kippot will be available for purchase in the school office.
• In lieu of wearing a loaner garment, a student will be allowed to call a parent to bring an appropriate replacement.
• Parents will be notified by email when their child has been found in violation of the dress code.
• After three (3) dress code violations, a student will be given detention.

How to order school uniforms

How to order BT school uniforms


List of 5 items.


    • Students are required to wear “polo” style or loose-fitting oxford (button down) shirts in approved colors with an official Beth Tfiloh logo available through our vendors, Lands’ End and Tommy Hilfiger.
    • NOT PERMITTED: Shirts labeled “Feminine Fit” are not approved as part of the Beth Tfiloh dress code. 
    • NOT PERMITTED: Beth Tfiloh spirit wear shirts available through the BT mall are not approved for dress code. 

    White, Black, Navy Blue, Cobalt Blue, Light Blue, Grey, Pink, Maize, Purple

    All students are required to have at least one white uniform polo or oxford shirt to wear for special events and on field trips. 

    • Beth Tfiloh school logo sweatshirts, sweaters, vests, and fleece tops may be purchased in approved colors at Lands’ End, Tommy Hilfiger or through the BT Spiritwear Shop and must be worn over a BT uniform shirt unless the sweatshirt has a crew neckline. BT uniform shirts must be worn under quarter-zip and full-zip BT sweatshirts, jackets and cardigan sweaters, as well.
    • Beth Tfiloh team, tournament or organization sweatshirts or jackets, provided they have not been altered in any way, will be allowed to be worn over a uniform shirt. BT uniform shirts must be worn under zip-up BT team or organization sweatshirts and jackets.
    • NOT PERMITTED: Outdoor-type jackets may NOT be worn in the building during the school day.
    • NOT PERMITTED: Spiritwear t-shirts, athletic team warm-up shirts, team t-shirts, and arts department t-shirts are NOT approved for dress code and may not be worn during the school day.

    Turtlenecks & T-shirts (long and short-sleeve) in approved solid colors are allowed to be worn under a loose-fitting uniform shirt.


List of 4 items.


    • Only approved uniform pant styles may be worn.
    • Pants must be loose-fitting, ankle-length,
    • The following approved pants may be worn in khaki or navy:
      CARGO PANTS – All vendors approved, provided they are loose-fitting.
      CHINO PANTS – All boys’ and girls’ style chino pants are approved, provided they are loose fitting.
    • NOT PERMITTED:  Pants may not drag on the floor or have frayed bottoms.

    • Skirts should be flared and must reach the top of the knee or longer without slits in navy, khaki or blue denim.
    • Uniform jumpers may also be worn in khaki and navy, and must be knee-length or longer.
    • Plain, solid color leggings may be worn under skirts as long as the skirt meets the uniform standards. 

    Pants & jumpers may be worn in khaki or navy
    Skirts may be worn in haki, navy or blue denim

    Parents are welcome to shop anywhere they would like for pants, skirts and jumpers, provided that the items purchased meet our Dress Code Guidelines.

    Suggested Vendors for Pants and Skirts:
     Lands’ End (khaki, classic navy) 
    • Tommy Hilfiger
     Old Navy

FROM HEAD TO TOE (Kippot, Shoes & Misc)

List of 4 items.


    • Boys must wear a dress code-approved kippah at all times.
    • Should a boy forget his kippah, he may purchase one in the School Office.
    • NOT PERMITTED: Thin nylon kippot
  • HAIR

    • Hair must be kept neat and clean
    • NOT PERMITTED: Hair may not be dyed unnatural colors or shades.

    • Sneakers and closed toe shoes are acceptable.
    • NOT PERMITTED: Open-toe sandals, mesh slides, flip-flops, pool shoes, sport sandals, moccasins or any shoes resembling bedroom slippers

    • Modest amounts of jewelry are acceptable.
    • Girls may wear earrings
    • NOT PERMITTED: Girls and boys may not have body piercings and boys may not wear earrings
• Jeans in good condition (no holes). No form-fitting jean-style leggings will be permitted. No sweat pants, sport pants, pajamas, yoga pants or leggings permitted.
• Long or short sleeve shirts (no capped sleeves).
• T-shirts should have no inappropriate writing. 
• Shirts should be long enough to fully cover the waistband. 
• Collars should be close to the collarbone; low-cut necklines are not permitted.
• No flip-flops or sandals.
• No sweat pants or sport pants.
• No shorts unless otherwise specified.
• Boys must wear kippot.
• No hats unless otherwise specified
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