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High Holy Day seat registration extended to Monday, August 2

Now that many Covid restrictions have been lifted, we can increase High Holy Day seating capacity. To accommodate increased demand, we are extending our seat purchase deadline to Monday, August 2. Please note that masked and distanced seating options are still available.

Expanded youth and family services are now also available. View details here

Join us for our 100th High Holy Day services!

The 2021/5782 High Holy Day season brings with it not only a new Jewish year, but also a new era for the Beth Tfiloh community. This is the beginning of our centennial year – a year that celebrates our history, our legacy, our community, and our future.

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Adult Services:

This year, you will be able to choose from two services for both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Both services will be longer than last year, but shorter than in years past. Each of our rabbis will participate in both services during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Please note that there will be open seating in both the Dahan Sanctuary and Hurwitz Hall services.
  • Hurwitz Hall Service: 8-11 am
  • Dahan Sanctuary Service, led by Chazzan Albrecht: 9:15 am-12 pm

Youth, Teen & Family Services:

We are expanding our Youth Services to include all of our regular High Holy Day options. Please note that all youth services run until the main services end, except for the Teen/Young Adult service, which ends at 12 pm. There is no charge for Youth Services except where noted below.

9:30 am:
  • Babysitting for infants-3-year-olds, $10/child/day
  • Fours-grade 1
  • Grades 2-4
  • Grades 5-8
  • Teen/Young Adults, for grade 9-age 21, $50/person service ends at 12 pm
11:30 am: Preschool Family Service for infants-4-year-olds. At least one parent must attend this service with the children. 

Registration is required for all youth services. Babysitting, preschool, lower school and middle school services are open only to children whose parents have purchased at least one seat in either the Dahan Sanctuary or Hurwitz Hall service. 


Both the Dahan Sanctuary and Hurwitz Hall services will offer general and distanced seating options.
  • Distanced seating is available for those who are either not yet fully vaccinated or who prefer to maintain distance from other service attendees.
  • Masks are required in the distanced seating section.
  • There will be distance between individual seats as well as between blocks of seats for groups, based on CDC guidelines. We may be able to increase capacity in the masked/distanced section as distancing guidelines change.
  • We will make every effort to accommodate all distanced seating requests, based on CDC guidelines. In order to do so, please purchase your tickets by August 2. We will reevaluate distanced seating capacity as Covid safety guidelines change and as distanced seating requests are filled.


  • The seat purchase form will be available until August 2. Please note that you are purchasing access to seats in the service of your choice — since seating in the Dahan Sanctuary and Hurwitz Hall will be open seating, you will not have the option to select specific seats during this process. All seat purchase requests will be processed once the form closes.
  • You will be billed for your seats once your order has been processed. Please note that your seating section cannot be changed once submitted, as it will determine the number of masked/distanced seats required.
  • Tickets will be emailed out between August 16-25.

How to Reserve Seats for Individuals and Groups:

  1. Select the service that you and the members of your group want to attend: Dahan Sanctuary, Hurwitz Hall or one of the Youth Services.
  2. For the Dahan Sanctuary or Hurwitz Hall services, select either the general seating or distanced seating section for each member of your group.
  3. Provide required information for each member of your group.


Due to this year’s complicated logistics, High Holy Day services in both the Dahan Sanctuary and Hurwitz Hall will have open seating – for this year only.

Selecting Your Seat on the High Holy Days:

  • Your ticket will be required for entrance to your service for security purposes and to ensure designated seats remain open for Covid safety.
  • Your ticket will indicate which service you are attending and whether you selected the general or distanced seating section.
  • Seats will be available in your selected seating section (either general seating or distanced) on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • A sign with your name on it to mark your selected seat will be available for you to pick up upon entering your service. You may use the sign to reserve your seat for both days of Rosh Hashanah.


  • The fee for seats in either the Hurwitz Hall or Dahan Sanctuary services is $525 per seat for adults, $262.50 for children up to grade 9.
  • The Family Service is free for families with a member attending either the Hurwitz Hall or Dahan Sanctuary services. 
  • The Middle School Service and Teen/Young Adult Minyan is $50 per person. This fee applies to all participants.
We believe that personal financial hardship should not be a barrier to participating in High Holy Day services with your Beth Tfiloh community. Please contact Eve Kresin Steinberg, Executive Director at 410-413-2251 or esteinberg@btfiloh.org, for a confidential discussion to make your participation in our High Holy Day services affordable for you.


  • EXTENDED DEADLINE: August 2: Ticket reservation deadline
  • August 2-13: Ticket reservations will be processed and billed
  • August 15-25: You will receive your High Holy Day tickets via email
If you have any questions about purchasing your Beth Tfiloh Centennial High Holy Day Tickets Service, please contact Eve Kresin Steinberg, Executive Director, at (410) 413-2251 or esteinberg@btfiloh.org.
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