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Beth Tfiloh's in-house food preparation for our school lunch program and other school and synagogue events is under the kashrut supervision of Rabbi Chaim Sitrin, Mashgiach. Beth Tfiloh maintains a list of approved Kosher caterers, which includes those who are under the supervision of the Orthodox Union, the Star-K, and the Vaad HaKashrut of Baltimore and various other communities.


Kashrut is an important concept of Judaism that is taught at Beth Tfiloh. It is approached with sensitivity, especially because there are so many different levels of Kashrut observance represented among the Beth Tfiloh school population. Our goal at Beth Tfiloh is to ensure that every child is comfortable at our school, whatever his/her background may be. 

Lunches brought from home must be Kosher - dairy or pareve only. (Pareve is a category of foods that is neither meat nor dairy; examples are vegetables, grains, fruits, juice, rice, fish). Students may not bring meat or poultry products into school. 
All snacks or cakes brought into school to be shared with the class must have Kosher certification. Absolutely no homemade food items may be distributed, even if the family has a kosher home. 

Acceptable bakeries: Goldmans, Goldbergs, Sion's, Pariser’s, Seven Mile Market, or Dunkin Donuts (Colonial Village, Reisterstown/Old Court locations only), Market Maven, and Croustille Cafe Bakery.

Acceptable symbols of Kashrut certification:


The Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School embraces the concept of Klal Yisrael (the diversity of the Jewish community) and prides itself on creating an environment that is inclusive of all of our children, respecting the dignity of all levels of religious observance. We believe that Derech Eretz, thoughtfulness and respect for one another, concepts our children learn here at Beth Tfiloh, extend beyond the classroom and inform our treatment of others outside of our school walls.

Any event that our school families celebrate, whether it be a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16, birthday party, or graduation party, should be an opportunity for all guests to fully participate and feel welcome.

To enable our school community to achieve the ideals of inclusivity, respect and thoughtfulness, we provide the following helpful resources:
Beth Tfiloh is proud to be an educational environment dedicated equally to excellence in education and to Jewish values. We value our partnership with parents and ask all parents to model these important lessons for their family by showing a commitment to respect and sensitivity at their family events.
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