Video Classes

  • Judaism for Beginners: 50 Jewish Phrases - Part 4

  • Judaism for Beginners: 50 Jewish Phrases - Part 3

  • Judaism for Beginners: 50 Jewish Phrases - Part 2

  • Judaism for Beginners: 50 Jewish Phrases - Part 1

  • Why We Light the Memorial (Yahrzeit) Candle

  • Tu B'Shevat: Blessings over Fruits and Why We Say Them


Audio Classes

  • Consuming Lab Generated Meat with Milk

    Can we eat this meat with milk - preliminary halachic thoughts (7 min.).

  • Explaining the HaMakom Blessing

    Two brief thoughts on the place of this blessing in the house of mourning (2:30 minutes)

  • Lashon Hara 1: Basics

    Three types of lashon hara and some related anecdotes (8:40 min.)

  • Lashon Hara 2: Examples and Misconceptions

    On the seriousness of lashon hara, examples of the prohibition, and related misconceptions (9:45 min.).

  • What if women spies were sent to survey the Land?

    Kli Yakar on sending women spies (8:20 min.).

  • Yizkor Customs

    Can I say Yizkor in the first year? For whom do we recite Yizkor? What if I can't find a minyan? And more... (5:40 min.)

  • Structure and Meaning of Aleinu

    A way to understand what we are saying in Aleinu. The prayer is separated into two parts and the inner structure of each part is explored. (9 min.)

  • The Order of the Shema

    The Shema prayer is comprised of three parts. Why did the Sages put these parts in this order and what is the lesson behind this for our lives? (7 min.)

  • On the Importance of Kabbalah for Our Generation

  • Shema Trivia

    5 questions related to the Shema and their answers. (8 minutes)

  • Four Approaches to Fantastical Midrash

    How should we deal with midrash that at times seems fantastical and difficult to accept on its face value? (8 min.)

  • Was the World Created Thousands or Billions of Years Ago?

    Seven approaches to the question (in 7 minutes).

  • Is There Room for the NBA Playoffs in a Torah Lifestyle?

    What is the Torah's view on recreational activities? (6:30 min.)
    [The debate between Rabbeinu Bechaye and the Raavad is referenced in Rabbi Kook's Eyn Ayah, Brachot 1, p. 2 (entry 4).]

  • Halacha in Outer Space

    Do the mitzvahs apply outside of the Earth's stratosphere? And if so, how would one observe laws bound to time if upon space travel one orbits the earth and witnesses a sunirse and sunset every ninety minutes?

  • Some things I love about Israel

    Things I love about Israel: going with the flow, inner confidence, and the togetherness. Mixed in with some stories from my personal experience in Israel. (7:30 min.)

  • Responsa from the Holocaust on Tefillin

    Two responsa written in the middle of the Holocaust by Rabbi Oshry. More on Rabbi Oshry here

  • Dayeinu Questions

    Answers to two classic questions on the Dayeinu song. Why would it have been "enough" to split the sea but not pass us through? Why would it have been "enough" to bring us to Sinai and not give us the Torah? (6:45 min.)

  • Items on the Seder Plate

    How many items are there on the Seder plate? What is Hazeret? Why three matzahs? Explanation behind the egg and shankbone. (9:30 min.)

  • Decoding Chad Gadya

  • Pesach Kashering pt. 1: Counters and Knives

    Discussing the concept of ke-boloh ken poltoh: as it goes in, so it comes out. Alongside the reason why some kasher their knives via submersion into the earth. (8:30 min.)


Source Sheets

  • Pesach Numbers Game
    How to play: Write down several numbers, ranging from 0-18, on blank paper, one number per sheet. Lift up one of the sheets in front of the participants and ask them to name things associated with that number connected to Pesach and the Seder. Use the associations on this sheet to enhance the conversation.
  • Pesach Jokes
    Knock knock jokes. Funny matzah jokes. Bubby jokes. And more!
  • Fun Pesach Seder Guide 2019
    Games, jokes, songs, activities, trivia, and more for your enhanced Seder experience!

Articles & Divrei Torah

JMORE Podcast with Rabbi Yoggev: "Hey Rabbi, What's Up With That?"


    • Rabbi Eli Yoggev

      Rabbi Eli Yoggev is the most recent addition to the BT clergy. He is a 2017 graduate of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah. In addition to sharing responsibility for all aspects of synagogue life, Rabbi Yoggev delivers a daily Daf Yomi class, teaches Mercaz classes for adults, teaches students and parents in our Hebrew School, and is actively involved with our BT Young Professionals.

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