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Thank you to our Spotlight at Home sponsors for their generous support of the Beth Tfiloh Scholarship Relief Fund

As of June 19, 2020

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Leadership Sponsors

• Anonymous

• Phyllis and Leonard J. Attman Foundation and Family

• Dr. Adrian Dobs and Dr. Martin Auster 

In honor of BT’s Amazing Teachers
And In honor of the BT Class of 2020

 Susan and Steve Bond

• Frona A. Brown, Ed.D. and Family

• The Haron Dahan Foundation

• In memory of Drs. Liebe and Earl Diamond

Isaac Samuel and Family, Anton and Tamara Samuel and Family, Joseph and Dodi Samuel '98 and Family, Moty and Sharon '01 Bar and Family

• The David and Barbara B. Hirschhorn Foundation 

• The Philip and Harriet Klein Foundation
In honor and in memory of Morton J. Macks

• The Messing Family Foundation 

• Natanzon and Taylor Families

• Penn Carliner Family

•The Polakoff Family
Ellyn, Stephen, Dara '05, Nancy, Ben, Lilly '22, Sophie '22, and Asher '24

• Andrew and Trish Pollak and Family

• Tsipi and Michael Renbaum

• Irene and Robert Russel and Family 

• Silverstein Family

• Roz and Marvin H. Weiner Family Foundation

• Jerome G. and Annette S. Zimmerman Foundation

Pillar Sponsors

• Anonymous

• Deborah and Louis Baer

• Benus and Blecher Families
Sharon and Jacob Benus, Liba and Avi Benus '94, Mia and Dr. Lee Blecher

• Reba and Arnold G. Cohen

• Judi and Steve Fader

• Marcia and Harry Hochman

• Cheri and David Hurwitz, Linda and Steve Hurwitz, Suzanne and Marc Hurwitz
 • Phyllis and Nelson Neuman Family
In loving memory of Phyllis A. Neuman

• Robin and Mark Neumann

In loving memory of Judy by Martin Mintz

Drs. Miller, Abrahams, Wray, and Mahmoudi

Mike Adelstein in Loving Memory of Janean Adelstein

• Rosemary Gluck and Dr. Thomas Pozefsky

• Dr. Zipora Schorr

Judy and Rick Morrison, Phyllis and Harvey Shankman

• Beth J Kaplan and Bruce, Henry ’11, and Seth ‘15 Sholk 

• Gilbert L. and Ruth Solomon Beth Tfiloh Community School Endowment

• Lyn and Freddie Traub, Mitchell '14, Kelsey '16, and Ethan '20

• Joseph and Debra Weinberg Family Foundation 

• Rabbi Mitchell and Sherry Wohlberg

Safety Net Sponsors

• Anonymous (3)
• Alleviation Institute LLC
Alexander Reznikov, ATP
• Mr. Jeff Amdur
• Arrow Parking
• Sharon '01 and Moty Bar and Family
• Joan and Brian Brown
• Carbiz: Jodi and Colin Fleisher and Debra and Jeff Berney
• Chase Bank
• Sophie and Richard Cohen
• Joel Cohn and Jill Spector
• Crossroads Dental Arts | Joanne Block Rief DDS
• Dr. Howard and Maureen Davidov
• Jill and Gary Eidelman and Family
• Josh, Jamie, Alyssa, and Ryann Forman
• Chaya and Howard Friedman
• Craig, Wendy, Sarah '08 and Julie '13 Friedman
• Eve and Mark Gheiler | MiCasa Title Group, LLC
• Teri '92 and David Gitlitz
• Gordon Feinblatt LLC
Ned T. Himmelrich, Searle E. Mitnick, Abba David Poliakoff
• Sharon and David Green
• Elliott Gorbaty
• Abraham and Berly Hershkovitz
• Jeff and Shelly Hettleman
• Howard Bank
• Mrs. Alan J. Karlin
• Katz & Associates, PA on behalf of Betsy and David
• Shelley and Robert Kaye
The Kazin Family
• Anna and Daniel Klein
• Armand and Esther Lasky 
In honor of Liba and Avi Benus and 
our grandchildren Nomi and Devorah Benus

• Patty and Charles Leve
Emily, Scott, Ryan ’18, and Shayna Levin
In loving memory of Janean Adelstein z"l and Ezra Seegull z”l
Levinoff Family
• Feliks and Regina Leybengrub
• Marc and Elaine Lowen

• Martha Nathanson
• Pearlstone Family Fund – Karen and P. J. Pearlstone
• Rachel and Chai Posner
• Randallstown Synagogue Center
• Richard Rynd
• Liora and Ed Schlesinger
• Heshy and Sandy Schoenfeld

• Stacy and Louis Schwartz
• The Nathan and Louise Schwartz Tzedaka Fund
• Abby Weinstock and Shawn Sefret 
• Lois and Ben Sigman
• Rozzie and Harold Taylor
• The Velvet Chocolatier

• Denise and Carl Verstandig
• Stacey and Steve Verstandig
• Kenny and Debbie Vogelstein
R. A. Walton and Co. Inc.
• Donna and Howard Weiss
• Michelle and Steve Wions
• Dr. Edward and Faith Wolf 
• York Roofing, Inc.


Randi and Larry Abramson
In honor of Zach’s Bar Mitzvah
Edie and Robert Altshuler
• Ivy and Christopher Ammann
• Anonymous (4)
Julie and Dr. Gary Applebaum
• Dr. Marc and Debra Attman
• Best Battery
• David and Jody Berg
• In memory of Sheldon Berman by Ann Berman and Family
• Wendy and David Berman

• Becky, Josh, Jacob '19 and Noah Brenner
• Elizabeth and Eric Brown
• Cherie and Jeb Brownstein
• Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bruner
• Natalie and Jay Chason
• City Wide Maintenance of Central Maryland
• Jesse and Steve Cleveland
• Steven Cohen
• Defender One Security
Jon, Jen, Jared '16 and Ali Krieger
• Dr. Michael and Linda Elman
• Law Office of Larry J. Feldman
Ellen, Larry, Emily, Jeremy and Adam Feldman

• Jack Finkelstein and Frances Kessler
• Myra and William Z. Fox
• Shellye and Steve Gilden and Family 
• Sheldon and Carol Glusman
• Leslie and David Goldstein
• Dena and Mayer Gorbaty

• Cass and Sheldon Gottlieb

• Lisa and David Hackam
• The Hammond Family

• Faith, Adam, Maia '15 and Bradley '19 Harrison
• Steven and Shari Hawtof
• Ezra and Courtney Hercenberg
• Margie and Lowell Herman

• Mark and Debi Holzman
• Larraine Bernstein and Kenneth Hornstein
• IntelliComp Technologies Inc.
• The Jakob Family
• Peter, Ilene, Mitchell '18, and Margot Jay
• Harvey and Cindy Kasner
• David and Renata '00 Kepner

• Bebe Kernan and Ken Kinsey
• Aviva and Shalom Kovacs
• Joseph and Nancy Kowitz
• The La Fiandra Family 
Ella ‘24, Olivia ‘21, Joseph ‘19, Jackie and Dino
• Marcia and Marc Leavey
• Marshall and Sarellen Levine

• David and Sue Liebman 
• Drs. Gail and Bob Liss 
The Liss Family Philanthropic Fund

• Gerald and Betty Maizlish

• Dror and Vered Mei-Tal
Global Telecom
• Ellen and Joseph Miller
• Judy and Judah Minkove
• Searle and Deborah Mitnick
• Phipps and Tom Moran

• Amie Sue and Paul Nochumowitz
• Rabbi Yehuda Oratz

Shoshi '03 and Brian '98 Ponczak
• Rena and Sheldon Polun
• Sabi and Savti Posner
• Carol and Allan Pristoop
• Quarry Orthodontics
Dr. Michael Noorani and Dr. Jill Baldinger

• Bruce, Susan, Alex and Adrian Rabin
• Rena and Elliot Rank
• Helene and Robert Riederman 
• Law Offices of Rochlin, Settleman & Dobres, P.A.
• Stuart and Nancy Rombro
• Justin and Avigail Rosemore

• Harriet Rosen
The Rosenblatt Group
Sam Rosenblatt, Mortgage Planner
• Marilyn and Josef Rosenblatt
• Danielle and Saul Roskes
• Miriam Rossman

• Jason, Laura, Evan and Harris Rubenstein

• Alvin and Marcia Sachs
• Calla and Todd Samuels
• In memory of Barbara Samuelson
by Friends of Barbara Samuelson
Ron Samuelson
 Steve Samuelson
Jeff, Cindy, Maya and Jake Schreiber

• Alvan and Gertrude Schunick
• Gloria and John Segall
• Diane and Larry Seegull

• Tina and Lee Sheller
• Joe Silhavy
• Margie, Randall, Tyler and Lexi Singer
• Michael and Susan Sless 
• Smile Forever Dentistry
• Susanna and Gregory Smith
• Sol Levinson and Bros., Inc.
• Diane and Nathan Torn
• Triangle Sign

• Rachel Steinberg Warschawski '96 and David Warschawski
• Ahuva Weinreb
• Stan and Elaine Weintraub
• Marilyn Weisman and Family
• Pamela and Neil Weissman
• Risa and Josh '98 Wolf

Zahler Construction and Development, LLC
• Drs. David and Marcie Zisow

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