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Join Beth Tfiloh's Mercaz Dahan Center for Jewish Life and Learning for engaging and thought-provoking adult education programming. Expand your intellectual horizons with lectures and classes from your favorite leaders and teachers.

For this year, all Mercaz classes will be offered both in person and via Zoom.

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  • BT in the AM

    Mondays, October 11-May 23
    Class 1: 9:15-10:15 am – Personalities in Tanach
    Presenter: Chana Slavaticki
    Chana Slavaticki
    Meet the complex and colorful personalities whose stories are described in the books of Yehoshua (Joshua), Shoftim (Judges) and Shmuel (Samuel) and answer questions such as: What made Yehoshua an outstanding leader? Was Rachav pious or practical? How could Yiftach sacrifice his own daughter? What was the secret to Shimshon’s strength? We will use the text and commentaries to uncover the underlying motives of these figures and others, explore the consequences of the choices they made, and identify relevant messages for our lives today.

    Class 2: 10:20-11:20 am – Beth Tfiloh: Feeling at Home in Shul
    Presenters: Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg, Dr. Zipora Schorr, and Rabbi Chai Posner
    Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg Dr. Zipora Schorr Rabbi Chai Posner
    As we enter Beth Tfiloh’s historic centennial year, we will reflect on the name’s literal meaning: A House of Prayer. We will explore topics in tefila and what it means for us individually and collectively. What are the mechanics of prayer? Do our prayers really make a difference? How can we find personal relevance in the words of the Siddur? This course will help you tap into your deepest self and touch your heart and soul.

    Class 3: 11:25 am-12:25 pm – Torah M'tzion – Torah with an Israeli Twist
    Presenters: Shani and Matan Shefler
    Shani and Matan Shefler
    Join our new Israeli shlichim Shani and Matan Shefler for a deep dive into the parshah to find a special connection to Eretz Yisrael. Expand your Hebrew vocabulary with conversational words or expressions that are linked to each Torah portion. Participants of this course can also be a part of the Aliyot Project – a program that will have volunteers share brief overviews of the Torah reading on Shabbat between the aliyot.
  • Yaffe Scholars Centennial Style: An Exploration of Beth Tfiloh's Timeless Values

    This year’s Yaffe Scholars course highlights Beth Tfiloh’s seven core values: joyful inspiration, meaningful practice, inclusiveness, Jewish learning, Israel and peoplehood, community, and generations. Together, we will delve into each value for several sessions using an array of textual sources from classical and contemporary commentators. You’ll gain practical tools on how to live life in sync with these values. The classes will be taught by an outstanding lineup of Beth Tfiloh clergy, Judaics faculty and guest presenters.

    View the course descriptions for Yaffe Scholars here
  • Ask Rabbi Yoggev

    Mondays, October 11-May 23, 7-8 pm
    Rabbi Dr. Eli Yoggev
    Join Rabbi Dr. Yoggev for stimulating discussions on Tanach, mitzvot, halacha, Jewish philosophy and much more. Our source-text will be Ask Rabbi Jack, which will be taught in an informal conversational format. As we move through the book, topic by topic, you will have the opportunity to ask Rabbi Yoggev all of your tough questions and learn new insights. This class is free of charge. Contact to sign up.

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    Purchase your copy of Ask Rabbi Jack here

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  • Moms and Midrash: Summer Series

    Monthly, June 21-August 9, 8 pm
    Facilitated by Chana Slavaticki
    Carve some meaningful “me time” out of your busy schedule this summer! Engage in reflective Torah study with fellow moms of preschool kids and Chana Slavaticki on topics related to spirituality and personal growth. View Summer Series session details here.

    Contact to be added to the email list or call (410) 413-2321.
  • Mercaz Monthly Clubs

    Wednesdays, November 17-May 25
    Class 1: 10-10:55 am – Book Club
    Facilitated by Halaine Steinberg and other presenters
    Halaine Steinberg
    The Book Club will feature an impressive selection of books of Jewish interest, facilitated by Halaine Steinberg along with other presenters. This year’s book club meets Wednesday mornings every month in person.
    Class 2: 11 am-12 pm – Current Events Club
    Facilitated by Phil Jacobs
    Phil Jacobs
    How does world Jewry emerge from the pandemic? How will the Biden Administration and Israel’s new government coalition work together? How will the rise in antisemitic acts impact US and European Jewish life? If it is news impacting the Jewish people in Israel or Washington, DC or Pikesville, the Mercaz Current Events Club will have it covered. Join veteran journalist Phil Jacobs for a lively, relevant discussion of news, media trends and influential opinions.


Enjoy thought-provoking discussions with scholars-in-residence on Shabbat throughout the year. View upcoming Mercaz scholars-in-residence here
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    Chana Slavaticki 

    Director of Mercaz
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    Sheera Zaidman Shar 

    Mercaz Coordinator

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