Introducing the Beth Tfiloh Member Payment Portal

Beth Tfiloh Congregation is pleased to offer a convenient online payment portal for Beth Tfiloh Congregation members. 
We are excited to announce our newly updated online BT Member Payment Portal, enabling members to access their BT account anytime and anywhere, through a computer, tablet or other mobile device.  The BT Member Portal offers the following benefits:
  • A choice of payment methods using credit cards or ACH payments 
  • Ability to pay by credit card to earn points, other bonuses, or to defer payment utilizing your credit card’s line of credit 
  • Options to make installment payments to facilitate personal budgeting and cash management 
  • Anytime, anywhere access 
  • Reduces paper clutter, saves trees, and supports the environment 
  • Increases efficiency and decreases administrative costs for Beth Tfiloh 
  • Choose how you wish to receive your BT statement – by mail or email 
The Member Portal includes all Beth Tfiloh fees billed to congregation members, excluding school and camp charges.

A Beth Tfiloh website login account is required to access the Member Payment Portal. This is the same login account that is assigned to all BT school parents. All Congregation members who do not have a BT website login account are invited to register for a Beth Tfiloh login account.
1. LOG IN - The BT Member Payment Portal is available at You will be prompted to enter your username and password.

After a member requests access to the Member Payment Portal, they will receive an email from Beth Tfiloh with the subject "Connect to Beth Tfiloh." Follow the instructions to accept the invitation and create your login credentials. If you need to request another email invitation, please email Laura Wolf at our BT Website Helpdesk, at

Once you accept the invitation, use the "Sign up" link to sign in. All users will login using their EMAIL ADDRESS as their username together with a secure password.

If the form indicates that you already have an account, use the "Sign in" link instead at the bottom of the screen and enter your current password. If you do not remember your password, use the "Forgot password" link to reset it.
2. Within your Member Payment Portal, select (FIGURE 1) and set up a “Payment Method” (FIGURE 2). Please note that a voluntary 3% processing fee may be added to cover the cost to Beth Tfiloh of credit card transactions. Payments made through ACH (e.g. a checking account) have no processing fee.

3. Select one or more charges on your account, enter payment amounts and click . (FIGURE 2).

4. Select "Set Schedule" to schedule one or more future payments.

5. Members should receive a “pop up” confirmation that the transaction has been successfully completed and an email confirmation will be sent to the email associated with the account.

Login questions - contact Laura Wolf at 410-413-2431/
Technical support - contact Robin Chafitz at 410-413-2405/
Billing questions - contact Sherri Fox at 410-413-2208/
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