Shavuot 2023


Thursday, May 25

Join BT for a night of uplifting learning about the giving of the Torah at Sinai. Enjoy classes and panels led by our BT rabbis and educators, followed by a delicious dairy dinner.

Revelation and Inspiration: What the Sinai Experience Means Today
8:04 pm, no earlier than 6:52 pm: Candlelighting

7:15 pm: Senses at Sinai
Epstein Chapel
Led by Rabbi Chai Posner 

The revelation at Sinai was perhaps the greatest moment in our history. Never before and never since did a group of people connect with God in such a tangible and real way. We recall this experience every year on Shavuot. But what did it feel like to actually be there? Using the 5 senses as a guide, we will travel back in time and attempt to reenact in order to reconnect. 
8:05 pm: Mincha
Epstein Chapel
8:15 pm: Standing at Sinai Today
Epstein Chapel
Featuring our Beth Tfiloh clergy and moderated by Rabbi Yoggev.

Join the Beth Tfiloh rabbis as they explore the question, “How does the Sinai experience inform your life today?” The panel will discuss which aspect of the Sinai experience inspires them the most in their personal and professional lives. 
9 pm: Maariv
Epstein Chapel
9:15 pm: Dairy dinner by registration
Tuvin Hall/Patio
Register here for dinner
10:15 pm: The Revelation at Sinai: Where, When and What 
Epstein Chapel
Led by Rabbi Jason Goldstein

When exactly was the Torah given on Mt. Sinai? What exactly did B’nei Yisrael receive at that momentous moment? We will explore Second Temple period sources, midrashim, medieval and modern commentators as we take a trip back in time to the most foundational moment in Jewish history.  

11 pm: Late night learning continues
Friday, May 26

9:15 am: Morning Services and Board Installation + Kiddush
Our newly elected shul lay leadership will be installed during Friday morning services. Wish them a mazal tov at the kiddush following services, sponsored by the shul in honor of the officers and the board.

4:30 pm: Ice Cream Social
Lower School playground

Shavuot is the perfect time for ice cream! Come join us on the playground for treats and a great time meeting other young families. No registration needed.

Saturday, May 27

11:30 am: Parent-Child Learning
Join us for an interactive learning session. No registration needed.

Preparing for Shabbat with Eruv Tavshilin

While you may cook and otherwise prepare food on Yom Tov for that same day, you may not prepare for the following day. When Shabbat falls the day after Yom Tov, we begin our preparations for Shabbat before the onset of Yom Tov by making an eruv tavshilin. This permits us to prepare on Yom Tov for Shabbat.

On the afternoon of Thursday, May 25, place together a baked food and cooked food, such as meat, fish, or an egg. Recite the berachah and the paragraph found on page 759 of the Koren Siddur. You should eat the eruv foods on Shabbat. For more information see here and here.
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