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Seventh Grade Illuminates Luchot Learning

What did the luchot — the tablets containing the Aseret Hadibrot (Ten Commandments) that Moshe brought — look like? That's the question Rabbi Levi's seventh grade Chumash class set out to answer… and recreated their findings in the new STEM Center.
While learning about the giving of the luchot to the Jews, Rabbi Levi's class found that there are at least four understandings as to how they may have looked, depending on how the Ten Commandments were written on them.
Using the information they learned about one of the possible luchot designs, the students created proportionally scaled down templates in the STEM Center, with help from High School science teacher Mr. Vince Bonina. They printed their designs on the laser cutting machine, then assembled them and painted them sapphire blue. Finally, they added LED lights inside, to replicate the illuminated letters described in class.
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