High School

All Beth Tfiloh students follow a college preparatory, dual curriculum of General Studies and Judaic Studies. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a balance of intellectual, religious, artistic, and physical education experiences. Students who successfully complete the program are well prepared to meet the challenges of higher education. The academic program for all students exceeds the requirements of the Maryland State Department of Education for a high school diploma and also affords students the opportunity to take advanced study in a variety of fields. Honors and Advanced Placement courses are provided in most academic areas.

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  • Mathematics

    The mathematics program provides students with a deep understanding of number systems and the application of mathematics in the real world. Our teachers focus on helping students develop a clear and organized presentation of multi-step solutions. Students develop basic problem-solving skills, standardized test-taking skills, and advanced abstract reasoning skills as they build mathematical literacy.

    Mathematics courses: Grade 9 - Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra II, Algebra II, Algebra I; Grade 10 - Honors PreCalculus, Honors PreCalculus I, Honors Geometry, Geometry, Fundamentals of Geometry; Grade 11 - A.P. Calculus, Honors PreCalculus II, Honors College Algebra, College Algebra, Algebra II; Grade 12 - A.P. Calculus, Honors Calculus, Honors Trigonometry, Trigonometry, Fundamentals of Trigonometry 
  • English

    The High School English program focuses on literature, language, writing, grammar, and critical reading/thinking skills that prepare students both for the PSAT/SAT/ACT exams and overall academic success. Students develop and express their own ideas and learn problem solving skills through expository and creative writing assignments. They learn to read and write critically, process information accurately and efficiently, and express themselves effectively and creatively. The High School English Program offers extensive choices in literature and composing activities to allow the teacher to use resources to fit the individualized learning styles of all students.

    English courses: Grade 9 -Honors Themes & Variations; Grade 10 - A.P. English Language, Honors American Literature, American Literature; Grade 11 - A.P. English Literature, Honors World Literature, World Literature; Grade 12 - Honors Creative Writing, Honors College Writing, Honors Survey of Children’s Literature, Honors 20th Century Novel: Literature of Change, Honors Anatomy of Satire 
  • History

    The High School history program provides an expansive foundation of United States and world history, as well as Jewish history. Students explore the development of American and Jewish ideals and institutions as they consider the major political, economic, cultural, and social developments from the fifteenth century to the present day. Our history program also offers coursework in history of art, film, and sports.

    History Courses: Grade 9 - Honors World History II, World History II; Grade 10- A.P. U.S. History I, Honors U.S. History I, U.S. History I; Grade 11 - A.P. U.S. History II, Honors U.S. History II, U.S. History II; Grade 12 - A.P. Macroeconomics, A.P. Psychology Honors International Relations; Honors Sports Through the Lens of History 
  • Science

    Students engage in active discovery through our High School science program. The courses focus on formulating questions and addressing them through reasoning, evidence, argumentation, and skepticism. Topics vary across the grades, while consistently instilling and nurturing a scientific curiosity about the world around them.

    Science Courses: Grade 9 - Honors Biology, Biology; Grade 10 - Honors Chemistry, Chemistry; Grade 11 - A.P. Physics, Honors Physics, Physics; Grade 12 - A.P. Chemistry, A.P. Biology, A.P. Physics, Honors Biotechnology, Honors Engineering, Honors Neuroscience: Behavior & the Brain 
  • Computer Science

    Technology and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) are integrated throughout our students' curriculum.  High School students can choose AP Computer Science classes as well as advanced science and engineering electives.

    Computer Science Courses: Grade 9 - Principles of Engineering (Required.); Grade 10 - - Introduction to Coding, A.P. Computer Science I; Grade 11 - A.P. Computer Science II; Grade 12 - Hon. Advanced Technology 
  • STEM

    Technology and a strong emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) are highlights of the school-wide curriculum. Throughout the High School, technology is integrated with learning across the curriculum. High School students can choose AP Computer Science classes as well as advanced science and engineering electives.
  • Modern Languages

    Our modern language program offers various levels of coursework in Spanish.  Our goal is to provide practice in all four language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking in an effort to develop a strong foundation for the Spanish language in our students.

    World Language Courses: Grade 9 - Honors Spanish III, Honors Spanish II; Grade 10 - Honors Spanish IV; Honors Spanish III; Grade 11 - Honors Spanish V, Honors Spanish IV; Grade 12 - Honors Spanish VI, Honors Spanish V 
  • Judaic Studies

    Our flexible two-track Judaic Studies program allows our diverse student body to engage with a range of traditional and contemporary topics that spark their interests. In addition to the core requirements of Hebrew language and Jewish history for all students, the text-based Beit Midrash (Study Hall) track students develop their Torah and Talmud learning skills using original Hebrew texts. Yahadut track students learn biblical and rabbinic texts with greater use of English translations and more emphasis on Jewish themes and concepts.

    Hebrew Language Courses: Grade 9 - Conversation, Literature and Contemporary Israeli Culture; Grade 10 - Conversation, Literature and Contemporary Israeli Culture; Grade 11 - Conversation, Literature and Contemporary Israeli Culture; Grade 12 - Conversation, Literature and Contemporary Israeli Culture 

    Jewish History Courses: Grade 9 - American Jewish History; Grade 10 - Ancient & Medieval Jewish History; Grade 11 - Modern Jewish History: 1492-1945; Grade 12 - History of Zionism & Israel, Senior Seminar 

    Beit Midrash Courses: Grade 9 - Text Study in Jewish Rituals: From Learning to Living, Jewish Leadership through the Lives of Joseph, Esther, and Daniel; Grade 10 - Text Study in Jewish Values: Our Responsibility to the World & Each Other, Evolution of a People: 40 Years in the Wilderness Shmot & Bamidbar; Grade 11 - Living the Law I: Practical and Theoretical Applications of Talmud,  Great Beginnings: A Contemporary Textual Study of the First Half of Breishit; Grade 12 - Living the Law II: Halachik Life on Campus & Contemporary Issues in Jewish Law, Elective Courses Based on Student/ Teacher Interest 

    Yahadut Courses: Grade 9 - Jewish Rituals: From Learning to Living, Jewish Leadership through the Lives of Joseph, Esther, and Daniel; Grade 10 - Jewish Values: Our Responsibility to the World and Each Other, Evolution of a People: 40 Years in the Wilderness Exodus & Numbers; Grade 11 - Theology: Foundations of Jewish Thought, Great Beginnings: A Contemporary Study of the First Half of Genesis; Grade 12 - Contemporary Issues in Jewish Law, Elective Courses Based on Student/ Teacher Interest 
  • Creative Arts

    The curriculum and philosophy of Beth Tfiloh Creative Arts Department provides a comprehensive foundation of Arts education which produces a “well rounded” creative student and begins the journey of lifelong learning in the Arts. The Maryland State Essential Learner Outcomes and Indicators forms the basis for our Creative Arts curriculum. Each student is encouraged to reach his or her own individual potential at his or her own pace.
    Creative Arts Courses: Grade 9 - Art Fundamentals I, Filmmaking I, Foundations of Dance, Introduction to Theatre, Music Composition I; Grade 10 - Art Fundamentals II, Dance Studio I, Filmmaking II, Music Composition II, Stagecraft; Grade 11 - Art Studio, Dance Studio II, Filmmaking III, Music Composition III, Theatre Production & Design, Weight Training; Grade 12 - Arts & Crafts, Filmmaking IV, Music Appreciation II, Performance Dance, Production Design & Stagecraft, Weight Training

  • Co- and Extracurricular Programs

    BT students develop their talents and broaden their horizons through a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular areas.

    Our students bond as a community through holidays celebrations, preparing and attending special assemblies, and field trips and overnight programs. Student Government, school publications, theater, instrumental and vocal performing groups, and a full range of interscholastic athletics for girls and boys offer numerous opportunities for self-expression, teamwork, and leadership. A variety of service projects provide avenues for living the Jewish values of tzedakah (charity) and chesed (kindness) that our students learn in class.

    Extracurricular (School-Wide) Courses: Dance Ensemble, Digital Photography, Filmmaking, Instrumental Ensemble, Kolenu: The BT Choir, Newspaper, Open Art Studio, Radio Broadcasting, Theatre Construction, Themes in Cinema, Weight Training, Yearbook 

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