Middle School

The Middle School program emphasizes critical thinking, academic skill development, creativity, independence, and responsibility. An advisory team assigns a teacher-advisor to every student to address student concerns, serve as a mentor, and provide academic, social, and emotional guidance. In addition to the core curricular areas of English, social studies, mathematics, and science, Middle School students may explore modern languages, music, theater, dance, visual arts, and health and wellness.

Our Programs

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  • English

    Our English program is designed to involve students in applying reading, writing, listening, speaking and research skills in an increasingly independent manner. Students will continue to develop an appreciation for literature through the study of literary elements in classic and contemporary selections of various genres. Emphasis is placed on moving from the literal to the abstract in the students' critical thinking skills.  Methods of instruction include individual exploration and research; group lectures and discussions; small-group activities; hands-on projects; oral presentations and written compositions.
  • Social Studies

    Our social studies program incorporates courses in humanities, government, geography, world cultures, and ancient world history. Students study specific events and patterns, while analyzing the development of cities, technology, written records, complex institutions and cultures, to gain an appreciation and understanding of the people and events that helped shape the emergence of modern nations. 
  • Mathematics

    Our math program is designed to expand the student’s familiarity with mathematics from the arithmetic concentration to a higher level of abstraction in a broader variety of topics. Students will continue to refine basic computational skills, including number facts and algorithms. They will also develop new problem-solving strategies to handle important mathematical situations in daily life and prepare for successive mathematics courses. Areas of focus include fraction operations, decimal operations, percent, geometry, integers, probability, statistics, volume, and measurement, all culminating in pre-algebra and algebra I and II.
  • Science

    Our Middle School science program provides foundational understanding of science to include earth science, life science, chemistry and physics. Through hands on experiences, group work, independent projects, lecture and research projects, interactive lab activities, and technology integration, students develop critical and analytical thinking skills that will be utilized throughout their entire science education.
  • STEM

    All students in fifth through eighth grade participate in some aspect of STEM education, whether one per trimester for fifth and sixth grade, or several times per week in seventh and eighth grade.
  • Modern Languages

    Spanish is offered to all eighth grade students in a textbook-based course that provides practice in all four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Basic grammar and useful vocabulary are presented through various supplementary materials. Time is also given to compare and contrast the culture of various Hispanic countries with that of our own culture in the United States. 
  • Judaic Studies

    Building on the basic skills of Hebrew and Chumash (Bible) text study, Middle School students are introduced to Neviim (Prophets), Mishna and Talmud (Rabbinic literature), and Israeli history and culture. Students who have no previous day school background attend a lateral entry program tailored to their skill level in Judaics and Hebrew language to help them integrate successfully into the Middle School.
  • Hebrew Language

    By engaging the students in topics that are relevant to their lives, our Hebrew language teachers extract lessons on the four components of language - understanding through listening and reading and communicating through writing and speaking. At the beginning of the year the students are assessed to ensure correct placement into precise fluency levels. This aids in helping each student make appropriate strides for his or her abilities. Having mastered the basics of reading and writing, the primary focus of the Hebrew language program shifts to emphasis of the spoken language to ensure a smooth transition to high school. 
  • Visual Arts, Music, Theater, and Dance

    Beth Tfiloh's Creative Arts Department provides a far-ranging curriculum in creative and performing arts, including visual arts, fashion design, drama, dance, choral music and instrumental music. Students may also choose from a variety of extracurricular arts activities, the two most popular being the yearly musicals or the BT Middle School tech crew. Learn more about Beth Tfiloh’s arts program here.
  • Technology

    Computer proficiency is an important component of the Middle School curriculum. Beginning in fifth grade, students learn core technology skills by using computers in both General and Judaic Studies classes. The school has a full wireless network and Internet access. The goal of the computer program is for students to develop not only the proficiency in the skills they need for middle school work, but to ensure their ability to work with technology in high school.
  • Physical Education

    The physical education program is a wholesome experience that develops students physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally. Through participation in physical education, a student can learn confidence, discipline, honesty, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude.  A key element of each class is a high level of active participation by each student. Overall, the physical education curriculum works to develop children who are physically active, mentally alert, and socially well-adjusted.

Curriculum & Programs

The Middle School academic curriculum includes:
  • English Language and Literature
  • Mathematics
  • American Government
  • World Cultures, Geography, and History
  • Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Sciences
  • Hebrew Language
  • Torah Study with Primary Sources
  • Introduction to Talmud
  • Tefilah (Prayer) Fluency and Understanding
  • Character Education
  • Shabbat and Holidays
  • Foreign Languages
  • Creative Arts
  • Physical Education

Special Programs and Leadership Opportunities

Middle School students are encouraged to be well-rounded individuals by developing their talents through extracurricular activities and leadership opportunities. They broaden their horizons while building community as they celebrate holidays and theme days, prepare and attend special assemblies, and participate in field trips and overnight programs. S Student government, Middle School publications, theater, instrumental and vocal performing groups, and a full range of interscholastic athletics for boys and girls offer numerous opportunities for self expression, teamwork, and leadership.
  • Student Council
  • Tikkun Olam Committee
  • Writer-in-Residence
  • Color War
  • Shabbatonim & Shabbat Celebrations
  • Weekly Community Building
  • Friday Assembly
  • Torah Reading Mentoring
  • Jewish Holiday Assemblies
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration
  • Musical Production
  • Yearbook
  • Newspaper
  • Jazz Band
  • Overnight Outdoor Camping Adventure
  • Class trips to Williamsburg, Virginia; Washington, DC; Philadelphia, and New York 

Middle School News

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