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A Beth Tfiloh education is an investment in your child’s success, and our community’s future.
Thank you for your interest in Beth Tfiloh for your child!

We understand that finances are an important part of any family’s decision when considering a Beth Tfiloh education. Generous financial assistance is available to qualifying families, making a Beth Tfiloh education affordable for a broad range of students. Our financial assistance application process is strictly confidential, user-friendly and takes into account the unique personal circumstances of each family.

Our goal is to make the process as comfortable and transparent as possible. To ensure that our students can complete their studies at Beth Tfiloh, while families apply annually, you can expect a similar level of support, unless there is a significant change in financial circumstances.  

We look forward to working with your family during this process.

Allison Magat
Chief Administrative Officer
Lower School: $19,500 $12,900-$14,900
Middle School: $22,900 $14,900-$17,000
High School: $25,500 $16,900-$19,000

Many factors are considered when reviewing financial aid applications including:
•    Family size
•    Number of students enrolled at Beth Tfiloh
•    Income
•    Assets
•    Discretionary spending

Allison Magat, Beth Tfiloh's chief administrative officer, explains our confidential financial aid application process in this video:

Office of Tuition and Financial Aid

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Allison Magat

    Allison Magat 

    Chief Administrative Officer, Office of Tuition & Financial Aid
  • Photo of Deborah Schechter

    Deborah Schechter 

    Administrative Assistant, Office of Tuition & Financial Aid

Payment Plan Options

Beth Tfiloh offers three options for AutoPayment through our SchoolAdmin billing portal.
  1. One-time payment: payable by July 20
  2. Two-time payment plan: payable on July 20 and December 20
  3. Ten-time payment plan: payable June-March
529 Plans: 
Effective January 1, 2018, you can now use up to $10,000/year from your child’s 529 plan to pay for tuition at a private K-12 school.  Please contact your 529 financial institution for information on how to access those funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Who has access to my financial information?  

    Your admission application and your financial application are two separate entities.  All sensitive financial information is limited to the Office of Tuition and Financial Aid which adheres to strict standards of confidentiality.
  • What other expenses can I expect outside of tuition?

    • Field Trips
    • Athletic Fees (Middle and High School)
    • Technology Fee
    • Senior Class trip to Poland and Israel*
    • Academic Support (if recommended)*
    *Additional aid is available for significant need
  • When will we learn about our Financial Aid award?

    Adherence to the financial aid application deadline date in January will ensure that new applicants to Beth Tfiloh will receive their financial aid decision with the admissions deadline in February.  Current families who apply by the December deadline will receive their award prior to the re-enrollment deposit date in January.
  • How much can I expect to receive in financial aid?

    Awards to qualified applicants range from 10%-40%.
  • What is the process for parents who are divorced?

    The financial aid committee will consider the assets of both parents regardless of the legal financial arrangements.  Both parents are required to complete a financial aid application and the School is not bound by existing decrees, arrangements or agreements which exempt a parent from financial responsibility for a child’s education.  If a parent is no longer involved in the life of a child, please share that confidential information directly with the Financial Aid Office.
  • We are two parents in a one-income family.  Will this affect our financial aid award?

    Once students are lower school age or older, an income is expected from both parents in order to qualify for financial aid.  
  • Do you factor in expenses for other tuitions including college?

    We will consider all of your family’s tuition expenses including those at other institutions.  We expect that you will also apply for financial assistance at those schools/universities. 

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