BT Arts

PreSchool Arts

Beth Tfiloh understands that children ages 3 to 5 have the have the most creative and active imaginations of any age group. Beth Tfiloh Pre-School students gain confidence by standing in front of their peers and becoming part of the story whether that be through drama, music, or movement.  Our Arts Programs encourage cooperation with a sense of togetherness and teach right from wrong in a variety of different settings. We also introduce students to new words, concepts, build attention spans and teach them how to listen carefully to directions. 

Creative Movement/Dance: 

In creative movement, children are encouraged to express their own personalities, thoughts, and feelings. Using music, they explore movement, develop physical skills and channel energy in a healthy way while nurturing creativity. Creative movement helps children develop literacy. To the young child, verbal language and movement are entwined. Through dance, children develop enhanced sensory awareness, cognition, and consciousness. 

Instrumental Music: 

This introduction to Instrumental Music helps support sensory development and builds fine and gross motor skills.  Instrumental music nurtures a child’s skills for mathematics. By listening to musical beats, a child can learn pattern-recognition and problem solving. Children who study music also have improved spatial intelligence and ability to form mental pictures of objects. Children will be introduced to a variety of instruments including violin, the recorder, and percussion. 

Drama Activities:

Understanding that Play is the most important activity of early childhood, and that Play is learning, Beth Tfiloh Pre-School Drama Activities help children realize their dreams through role play. As they play, children acquire new skills and acquire new concepts. Driven by rules and conventions along with understanding drama is a social activity and communal art form, we use role-play, improvisation, creativity, and self-expression to motivate our children to be well rounded individuals.

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