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High School Arts

Understanding that an Education in the Arts provides benefits to students through their teen years, Beth Tfiloh’s High School Arts Programs expands upon the teachings from Middle School. The curriculum works to strengthen a student’s problem-solving skills and the ability to focus and concentrate.  Student participation in our Arts Programs teaches hand eye coordination, attention to detail, and the ability to follow through as well as provide challenges for learning on all levels and connect students with their own culture as well as with the wider world.  

Visual Art: 

The High School Visual Art Program expands a student’s understanding and use of the elements of art and principles of design to create advanced two- and three-dimensional art. Students explore a variety of techniques, tools, and materials for drawing, painting, and sculpture. They develop and expand on skills and concepts to help effectively express themselves through their art. Students continue to explore famous artists’ styles, techniques, and designs to inspire and influence the student’s own creativity.  


Creative Movement and Dance in the High School works to encourage proficiency in learning choreography, including warm-ups, center work, moving across the floor, and full-length choreographed works. Students learn one or more dances that convey meaning and/or deepen students' understanding of the foundations of jazz, modern, ballet, tap, lyrical, or contemporary dance styles. Classes deepen their understanding of dance technique, compositional techniques, and timing variations to create visual interest for performance. In grades 11 and 12, students explore dance composition while working in small groups to create choreographed works that expand students' expressive abilities, artistry, and demonstrate a working knowledge of compositional methods.

Instrumental Music: 

Instrumental Music students in the High School work on the development of various instrumental ensembles including Concert Band, Rock Band, Jazz Combo, and Klezmer Band. Students develop an understanding of what is happening in music, both by ear, and on the written page. Using music theory, students study different musical forms and genres such as folk, pop, and classical. They continue to explore their own creativity, with options of playing as a soloist or writing their own music. 

Performance Theatre: 

High School Theatre students learn how the various aspects of theatre (acting, directing, playwriting, designing, and history) connect with one another. Students will analyze plays and work on character development discovering their characters circumstances, motivation, and relationships. Students will explore more advanced playwriting by using their own personal stories to create monologues, scenes, and short plays.  

Technical Theatre: 

Technical Theatre classes in the high school are hands-on courses that get students working with the tools and techniques of theatrical production in a practical way. Proper use of power tools, along with traditional tools, will be taught and used during the course of this elective. The technical theatre students build the sets for all the theatrical productions that are produced here at Beth Tfiloh. The students also learn the basics in all areas of theatrical production such as Lighting, Sound, Scenic Projections, Special Effects, Costumes and Props.  As a student progresses through the high school classes in Technical Theatre, they are given more responsibility in all areas of theatrical construction and more elaborate design work to create. If desired, the student has the opportunity to work on the Stage Crew for the high school shows in all areas of production.  


Filmmaking students in the high school learn the fundamentals of storytelling and screenwriting, including classical three act structure. They develop technical skills related to camerawork, lighting, and video editing, explore the methods by which modern media tells stories and influences our culture, and practice collaborating in a creative, group environment. By the end of the school year, students will create a short film ready for submission to student film festivals. 

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