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Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School is a warm, supportive, and diverse community rooted in Torah values and Jewish traditions. Our school provides an education marked by academic excellence, joy of learning, respect, and attention to the individual. Our faculty fosters life-long learning and celebrates and supports students in reaching their goals as individuals and as members of the community. We prepare students to become compassionate leaders with integrity and character, who are proud, knowledgeable Jews, with a deep connection to Israel, its land and people.


Respect and kindness to others – DERECH ERETZ דרך ארץ
Joy – SIMCHA שמחה
Respect and dignity for the diversity of each individual – B’TZELEM ELOKIM 
Torah and Jewish values – AHAVAT TORAH אהבת תורה 
Community – KEHILLAH  קהילה
Commitment to Israel – AHAVAT ERETZ YISRAEL  אהבת ארץ ישראל
Jewish pride and identity – ANI YEHUDI אני יהודי 

Building Jewish Continuity

Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School is committed to a modern approach to traditional Judaism and welcomes children from a broad range of backgrounds and beliefs, recognizing and respecting the spiritual dignity of those beliefs. Emphasis is placed on Torah, the love of G-d, love of Israel, and all of humanity in an atmosphere that encourages social consciousness, community leadership, and a commitment to the highest standards of ethical behavior. Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School's responsibility to the Jewish community is to educate generations of American Jews who are committed to Jewish practices and beliefs, knowledgeable about their heritage, versed in Hebrew Language, and devoted to the Jewish community and the State of Israel.

Focusing on the Individual

Each student is encouraged to reach his or her full potential. The school embraces a range of learning styles and has an academic support program and enrichment opportunities along with social and emotional support in every division. A variety of electives and extracurricular programs in both Jewish and secular studies helps to tailor the educational program to the needs and interests of each student.

Academic Excellence

We strive to provide a rigorous secular and Judaic program with the primary goal to develop each individual's intellectual capabilities. The curriculum emphasizes content mastery, skill development, critical thinking, creativity, self-knowledge, positive interpersonal relationships, independence, and love of learning in a nurturing environment. Cutting edge technology is integrated in and supports the entire program. Comprehensive programs in arts and athletics enrich the school’s academic offerings.

Commitment to the State of Israel

Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School recognizes and affirms that the creation of the State of Israel is one of the seminal events in Jewish history. Recognizing the significance of the State and its national institutions, we seek to instill in our students an attachment to the State of Israel and its people, as well as a sense of responsibility for their welfare.
BETH TFILOH Dahan Community School
Roz & Marvin H. Weiner Family Campus | 3300 Old Court Road, Baltimore, MD 21208 | 410-486-1905 | mail@bethtfiloh.com