Kid Cong - Penguins & Shabbat Chanukah

Tuvin Library
Kid Cong (Junior Congregation) is a highly participatory service for children in Grades 1-4 and Hebrew School classes Mechina-Daled that is led by the charismatic Mr. Brian Singer. We are triple blessed as we celebrate our Penguin visitors, Rosh Chodesh and Chanukah this Shabbat by meeting the Maryland Zoo penguins and playing games that are all about the number 8, like the 8 Torah Tokens given out to dynamic daveners.  Enjoy time eat a delicious kiddush with Kid Cong friends and get chocolate gelt. 
Grades 1 - 4
10:00:   Free Play with Marlene
10:15:   Davening with Mr. Singer
Followed by Tizmoret, Penguin Show & Kiddush

Mr. Singer's creativity keeps kids engaged and active. Services take place weekly and on holidays from 10:00 am to 11:45 am. Our themed Kid Cong will be even more special with wild and crazy ways to connect to the parshah and holidays.
BETH TFILOH Dahan Community School
Roz & Marvin H. Weiner Family Campus | 3300 Old Court Road, Baltimore, MD 21208 | 410-486-1905 |