Kid Cong - "Take Two Tablets" Shabbat

Tuvin Library
Kid Cong (Junior Congregation) is a highly participatory service for children in Grades 1-4 and Hebrew School classes Mechina-Daled that is led by the charismatic Mr. Brian Singer.
“Take Two Tablets” and join us this Shabbat at Kid Cong where Mr. Singer will lead services, and play a parshah game about the 10 Commandments, followed by a kiddush and a trip to the Bema to sing Adon Olam with your Kid Cong friends.

Mr. Singer's creativity keeps kids engaged and active. Services take place weekly and on holidays from 10:00 am to 11:45 am. Our themed Kid Cong will be even more special with wild and crazy ways to connect to the parshah and holidays.
BETH TFILOH Dahan Community School
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