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Becoming a More Loving Human Being - Yaffe Scholars

Virtual Via Zoom
Yaffe Scholars 2020-2021 
Israel – The Land, The Story, The People 

Please join us at 11 AM for one part of a three-part series with Aryeh Ben David, based on the writings of Abraham Isaac Kook (1865-1935), the first Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi in Pre-State Israel. 
January 27: Becoming a More Loving Human Being 
Rav Kook writes: “I love all. I cannot not love all people, all nations. I have no need to force this feeling of love – it flows straight from the depth of wisdom of the soul.” What is love? Is it just a feeling, subject to the vagaries and conditionality of an emotion? Or is there a spiritual nature to love, enabling us to potentially love all of God’s creation? 

Please contact Sheera at Mercaz for Zoom details at mercaz@btfiloh.org 
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