Reference and Nonfiction
The Macks Library houses a strong nonfiction and (circulating) reference collection which reflects and enhances school curriculum and makes up almost a quarter of our holdings in the area of General Studies. An extensive collection of Judaic reference books, including complete sets of the Talmud in Aramaic and Hebrew, most with English translations, extends along the south wall of the library. In addition, students can choose from our extensive collection of over 650 biographies, many of which are written on the middle school level, rather than searching public library shelves for a suitable biography on their grade level. A collection of Hebrew language novels from Israel is also available.

The library regularly acquires award-winning and up-to-date fiction for grades 6 – 12, including adult books suitable for high school students. The librarian displays new titles on changing displays throughout the library and is always happy to consider book purchases by special request.

Lending policies
Fiction and nonfiction titles may be checked out for three weeks. Books may be renewed if no one else has requested them. Reference books may be borrowed after 2:00 p.m. and must be returned before second period the following day. Audiovisual materials only circulate to faculty, but exceptions are made by faculty request.

The library has a wide variety of films covering all areas of our school curriculum. There is also a collection of foreign language materials that includes a comprehensive selection of films from Israel, as well as numerous documentaries on the Holocaust.

Library Catalog
Our library catalog, BTCAT, is available online, and students can click on the link Beth Tfiloh Upper School Library to search our print and audiovisual collection in school or at home.

New Books

Baldacci, David, The Finisher
Baron, Jeff, I Represent Sean Rosen
Baron, Jeff, Sean Rosen Is Not for Sale
Bausum, Ann, Stubby the War Dog
Bodeen, S.A., The Compound (book 1)
Bodeen, S.A., Fallout (book 2)
Bodeen, S.A., The Raft
Bodeen, S.A., Shipwreck Island
Buckley, James, Scholastic Book of Firsts
Cheaney, J.B., Somebody on this Bus Is Going to be Famous
Dowd, Siobhan, The London Eye Mystery
Dumont, Brianna, Famous Phonies
Dunn, Joeming, The Cask of Amontillado (graphic novel)
Forman, Gayle, I Was Here
Friedman, Laurie, Can You Say Catastrophe?
Garretson, Dee, Wildfire Run
Gibbs, Stuart, Belly Up
Gibbs, Stuart, Spy School
Gleitzman, Morris, Now
Gleitzman, Morris, Once
Gleitzman, Morris, Then
Goelman, Ari, The Path of Names
Green, Tim, First Team
Green, Tim, Football Champ
Green, Tim, Football Hero
Greenwald, Lisa, My Summer of Pink and Green (Pink and Green, book 2)
Greenwald, Lisa, Pink and Green is the New Black (Pink and Green, book 3)
Gulledge, Laura Lee, Page by Paige
Hagen, George, Gabriel Finley and the Raven’s Riddle
Herlong, M.H., The Great Wide Sea
Hiassen, Carl, Skink no Surrender
Hobbs, Will, Never Say Die
Jacobson, Jennifer Richard, Small as an Elephant
Jeter, Derek, The Contract
Johnson, Terry Lynn, Ice Dogs
Johnson, Varian, The Great Greene Heist
Langston, Elizabeth, I Wish
Mason, Prue, Camel Rider
McKernan, Victoria, Shackleton’s Stowaway
Pastis, Stephan, Mistakes Were Made (Timmy Failure, book 1)
Pastis, Stephan, Now Look What You’ve Done (Timmy Failure, book 2)
Pastis, Stephan, We Meet Again (Timmy Failure, book 3)
Paulsen, Gary, Crush (Liar, Liar, book 3)
Paulsen, Gary, Flat Broke (Liar, Liar, book 2)
Paulsen, Gary, Liar, Liar (Liar, Liar, book 1)
Paulsen, Gary, Soldier’s Heart
Perkins, Stephanie, Isla and the Happily Ever After
Philbrick, Rodman, Zane and the Hurricane: a Story of Katrina
Riordan, Rick, Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods
Ripken, Cal, Jr., Cal Ripken, Jr.: My Story
Rocco, John & Jay Primiano, Swim That Rock
Rosen, Suri, Playing With Matches
Scieszka, Jon, ed., Funny Business (Guys Read #1)
Scieszka, Jon, ed., Thriller (Guys Read #2)
Scieszka, Jon, ed., True Stories (Guys Read #5)
Selznick, Brian, The Invention of Hugo Cabret
Silberberg, Alan, Milo: Sticky Notes and Brain Freeze
Stroud, Jonathan, The Screaming Staircase
Stroud, Jonathan, Lockwood & Co.
Tarshis, Lauren, I Survived the Attacks of September 11, 2001
Tarshis, Lauren, I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic, 1912
Tarshis, Lauren, I Survived Hurricane Katrina
Tarshis, Lauren, I Survived the Battle of Gettysburg
Vacco, Corina, My Chemical Mountain
Wexler, Django, The Forbidden Library
Yang, Gene Luen, The Shadow Hero
Yelchin, Eugene, Arcady’s Goal

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