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  • June

    Seventh Grade Holds Mock Trial at Towson Courthouse

    Mr. John Steven's 7th grade government students held a mock trial event at the Towson courthouse this spring. The students prepared their opening statements, depositions, evidence, and closing arguments for months, finally having their real day in court.
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  • February

    Staff Spotlight - Wendy Quartner

    Here at Beth Tfiloh, we take pride in our teachers and supporting staff. We are always grateful for those who dedicate their lives to education and helping our students become the next generation of leaders and thinkers. They are the backbone of our entire school, and we want you to get to know them.
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  • Twelfth grade honors creative writing class

    The twelfth grade honors creative writing class marked the end of the first semester by presenting selections of their writing assignments to the senior class. During the semester, the students responded to specific writing prompts centered on the themes of family, time, personal objects, and coming of age. For each assignment, students could write a poem, short story, or memoir.
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