Inspiring In-stall-ations

Every moment of the school day and every room in the building offers our students opportunities to learn…even in the bathroom.
Inspirational, educational and empowering messages — from biographies of female role models to self-care and stress management tips — are displayed in Middle School lower floor girls’ bathroom. A wall full of positive Post-It note messages encourages students to express their gratitude and spread positivity throughout the BT community.

Middle School English teacher Mrs. Maureen Jaffe, who spearheaded this initiative, is working with Middle School colleagues — Ms. Liz Shrier, Mrs. Lisa Shamus, and Ms. Grainne Daly — to add information from all subject areas of the Middle School curriculum and develop themes to make the messages relevant and engaging.

“Beyond the obvious reasons, restrooms are an important part of school culture,” comments Mrs. Jaffe. “Often, they are the place where students go to decompress. We wondered how improving the bathroom’s appearance by providing motivational articles and affirmations might positively impact student morale. It’s a small action, yet it can help to set a positive tone for the day.”
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