Career Builders: Class of 2019's Senior Internships

Beth Tfiloh seniors lay the foundations for their careers with a four-week internship, gaining practical, hands-on skills and building their professional networks in the fields of their choice.
Students work with internship mentors who are experts in their chosen field and volunteer their time to give our students a worthwhile, exciting and educational view of their career. The career opportunities are wide and varied.
The seniors presented their experiences to their peers, teachers and internship mentors at the recent internship fair. Several shared the following thoughts on their internships:
Jacob R., internship: Greenspring Associates:
"I learned that the only way to truly succeed in the business world is through hard work both in and outside of school. I would like to continue learning about finance and investment."

Zachary V., internship: BT Arts Department with Mr. Russell Kirk
“…The internship confirmed that I want to keep music a part of my life, and I would like to know more of opportunities that would allow me to be involved in music as a side job that can accompany whatever else I do for a living.”

Sage F., internship: ReVased
“This internship has taught me a lot about having a job in the business world. It is cutthroat, but at the same time there are so many mentors to help guide you. When starting a business, it is important to seek that help but also to blaze your own path, since no two business paths are the same.”

Shira P., internship: St. Joseph Medical Center
“I think throughout this internship experience, I learned to advocate for myself….I took initiative and reached out to my supervisor and other doctors to see if I could get into the OR [operating room].”

Emma R., internship: Baltimore Zionist District
“This internship…strengthened my love for Israel and reminded me how important connecting Israel to America is. A lot of this job also focuses on running an organization and dealing with people, therefore I really learned how you have to talk to people and how important organization is in order to properly function. Overall, I really enjoyed my internship and I gained important skills for a career and like in general. It is definitely something I would consider doing in the future.”
“This internship has showed me that I have an interest in marine biology and I really enjoyed working in a lab. Because of this I will seek out research opportunities in college. I learned a lot about biology and what it takes to work in a research facility.”

Jack L., internship: BT High School STEM Center with Mr. Vince Bonina
“Every time I finished a project, I felt I had accomplished something, especially when the project took two or three tries to get right. I would like to learn more about the process of becoming someone who runs a STEM center, or how to run a STEM center cost-effectively.”
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