Thread CEO Dr. Sarah Hemminger Inspires BT Students at the Inaugural Paul Bolenbaugh Annual Lecture

Mr. Paul Bolenbaugh, a beloved humanities teacher in the Baltimore community for nearly 60 years, was honored at the inaugural Paul Bolenbaugh Lecture, held at Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School on September 20th, 2019.
Mr. Bolenbaugh retired from teaching at Beth Tfiloh in June 2018. He taught at Pikesville High School for 40 years before joining the Beth Tfiloh faculty.

“How do you honor a legend? How do you distill out that characteristic that make him this unforgettable and inspirational teacher that he is?” asked Beth Tfiloh Director of Education Dr. Zipora Schorr at the lecture’s opening. She went on to describe him as “someone who cares more about his students than he cares about himself. Someone who ignites a desire to learn in the people he teaches. Someone who recognizes the spark in each student and finds a way to fan that spark into a flame that burns brighter. Someone who makes you want to think, who makes you want to come to class because you never know what will happen next. Someone who makes you believe in yourself because he believes in you. Mr. Bolenbaugh was all of that and so much more. Because, besides being a teacher, he is a citizen of the world, a responsible member of humankind. He is what we call a ‘mentsch.’”

Thread CEO and Founder Dr. Sarah Hemminger delivered the inaugural lecture’s address. Dr. Hemminger challenged Beth Tfiloh High School students, faculty, and other guests to look beyond just helping those less fortunate in Baltimore City, but to build relationships and genuinely connect with their fellow community members on a personal level. Those relationships are the key to building a stronger Baltimore City. Dr. Hemminger also remarked on Beth Tfiloh's ongoing partnership with Liberty Grace Church, and how it embodies Thread's model of community building through personal relationships. Following the lecture, Dr. Hemminger held an intimate Q&A sessions with several Beth Tfiloh students about how they could get involved in Thread and begin to build those personal relationships.

The Paul Bolenbaugh Annual Lecture, conceived by friends Mrs. Rachel and Mr. Joel Monroe, was established to reflect the values taught so passionately by Mr. Bolenbaugh, including social justice, humanitarianism, and social activism. The lecture was funded through a GoFundMe campaign launched by the Monroes in the spring of 2018. Colleagues, friends, students, alumni of Beth Tfiloh and Pikesville High School all contributed to the lecture fund.

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