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Celebrating Artistic Talent & Dedication: 2020 Arts Awards

The Creative Arts Department Awards celebrate eighth grade and High School students who exhibit exceptional talent and dedication to their art.
Eighth Grade Arts Awards: 

Theatre: Debra B. '24, Gabe C. '24, Talia L. '24 
Visual Art: Emma B. '24, Shayna S. '24, Yoni B. '24 
Band: Benjamin K. '24, Rachel M. '24, Jacob G. '24, Marissa L. '24, Alec G. '24 
Tech: Adam F. '24, Sam G. '24, Zach O. '24, Ben K. '24 
Dance: Sophia K. '24, Abby O. '24, Lily W. '24
Choral: Debra B. '24, Talia L. '24, Rachel M. '24, Ella L. '24 

Creative Arts Department Awards
The Department Awards are presented to students who exhibit talent and dedication above and beyond anything humanly imaginable.

The Dance Award: Avishye M. ‘20
The Choral Leadership Award: Anael G. ‘20
The Choral Excellence Award: Noam S. ‘20
The Technical Theatre Award: Sam A. ‘20
The Musical Theatre Award: Ethan T. ‘20
The Musical Theatre Dance Award: Aleesa E. ‘20
The Drama Award: Coby Z. ‘20
The Computer Aided Design Award: Shoshana Z. ‘20
The Visual Art Award: Eedan S. ‘20

Ellie Goldenberg Distinguished Performer Award: Leah M. ‘20

This award was established in memory of Ellie Goldenberg '12 z"l. The award recognizes a dedication to the craft and a desire to be the absolute best — a combination of amazing talent with an intense determination, as Ellie was extremely talented, but she never rested on her laurels, she constantly worked to improve herself.

H. Morten Rosen Arts Award: Shira S. ‘20

Instituted in 2001, the award is named in honor of the generous benefactor of our Performing Arts Center. The award is given annually to a graduating student who has consistently and selflessly contributed to the overall excellence of the Creative Arts Program.
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