Experiential Learning is Afloat in Beth Tfiloh PreSchool

As these students were introduced to the story of Passover, their teachers began by asking if anyone knew what it means to float (down a river). They quickly learned that while some children knew, many did not. That's when these experienced teachers took to the great outdoors, with baskets and bins in hand, to give their students a little lesson in science and floating, while also telling the great Passover saga. 

In doing so, these students also had a little language arts lesson in simple opposites after finding that many student did not know what it meant to sink. They quickly discussed other concepts as well, such as tall/short, big/little, hot/cold, as their teachers then gave a real life demonstration with their floating baskets of what it means to sink.

The students loved their time exploring the natural elements of the great outdoors while at the same time learning so many valuable academic concepts. If that sounds like a lot of skills wrapped into one, then you're right, because that's just how the student-centered, experiential Reggio Emilia curriculum works.

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