Staff Spotlight - Wendy Quartner

My name is Wendy Quartner (better known as Nurse Wendy!) and I have been the PreSchool and Lower School nurse at Beth Tfiloh for 20 years. Before working at BT, I started my nursing career as a tech at GBMC’s emergency room while in nursing school at the University of Maryland. After I graduated, I worked at Sinai Hospital for 19 years in the adult Intensive Care Unit, at Camp Milldale for 15 years, and at Camp Airy for six years.

When I'm not at work, my favorite thing to do is spend time with my family. I have a fabulous, warm, and caring husband, Scott, and three amazing children: Mitch, 34; Jenna, 31; and Evan, 24. Jenna ('08) and Evan '15 are both Beth Tfiloh graduates. I also have four precious grandchildren, two of whom are currently attending Beth Tfiloh: Aiden ’36 and Brinley ’38.

When I'm not spending time with my family, I love being active — walking and bike riding, both indoors and outdoors. Fun fact... my username on Peloton is "DancingBubby" – please friend me! Another hobby of mine is arts and crafts; some of my artwork is even on display in the Health Suite. In addition to exercising, I enjoy the summer fun and when the school year ends, you can find me on Bethany Beach, by the water’s edge!

As a school nurse, you may be wondering how Covid has changed my life and daily routine at Beth Tfiloh. The truth is, Covid has changed things dramatically! I used to spend the majority of my day caring for and nurturing children, which included fixing injuries (both big and little), managing chronic health issues like allergies and asthma, and teaching students about various health topics, such as poison prevention, dental care, the importance of breakfast, hand washing, hygiene, and body changes. While I still take care of all of the students, I now spend the majority of my days managing Covid cases and investigating health issues through many phone calls and e-mails to parents.

While it's true that my days may look different, my love of being a nurse at BT doesn't... it's as strong as ever! Even through all the chaos of Covid, the health and well-being of the children remains my number one priority.

I look forward to seeing everyone again in person when things become more normal, but until then, I am enjoying seeing all of your little ones and helping to ensure everyone's health and safety.

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