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The Lower School Curriculum

The Lower School’s stimulating program includes the following curricular areas:

Reading/Language Arts Art Hebrew Language
Mathematics Music Torah
Social Studies Library Studies Prayer
Science & Engineering Physical Education Character Education
Technology   Shabbat & Holidays

The General Studies Program

Our General Studies Program keeps a clear focus on the development of oral and written language literacy skills. Starting with phonemic awareness in Kindergarten, the curriculum moves towards decoding, encoding, and reading fluency. The development of reading comprehension skills begins with literature discussions as early as Kindergarten. As their intellectual capacity grows, strategies are taught to enable students to increase understanding and further develop their analytical skills.

Our math curriculum emphasizes the acquisition and application of mathematical concepts and skills in a wide range of situations, including non-routine, open-ended and real-world problems. The learning process gives students a solid math foundation upon which to build increasingly complex skills.

The Judaic Studies Program

Our Judaic Studies Program provides a contemporary approach to the transmission of traditional Jewish values and commitment to Torah, the Nation of Israel and the State of Israel. Children learn to speak, read and write Hebrew and to recite daily prayers. Classes emphasize moral and ethical behavior, character development and civility (derech eretz). Youngsters learn at an early age that they are part of a diverse Jewish family where every voice should be heard and respected.
Milestones include a Siddur Ceremony for First Graders, the Second Grade Chumash Program, the Third Grade Midot Program and the Fourth Grade Tehillim Program which celebrates their year-long study of Psalms.
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