Condolences to Larry Katz

Condolences to Larry (Gail) Katz (father of Sarah, Grade 3) on the loss of his father, Norman Katz. The funeral will take place at Levinsons on Wednesday, December 19 at 9 am. The family will be in mourning for the full week of Shiva and will be sitting at the home of Larry and Gail Katz, 2424 Forest Green Court, 21209 (410-486-6054).

The Schedule of services will be as follows:
Mincha/Maariv - Wednesday @ 4:15 pm; Thursday, Sunday and Monday @ 4:30 pm.
Shacharit - Thursday @ 6:50 am; Friday @ 7 am; Sunday @ 8:30 am; Monday @ 6:50 am; Tuesday @ 7 am