BT Sports Insider Podcast

The BT Sports Insider Podcast hosted by Coach Ari Braun and Michael M. ‘24.

Each show opens with a discussion on a specific topic (like strategies for bouncing back from "Weiner Fever"). The teams' recent results are recapped, followed by insightful interviews with current athletes or coaches (sometimes both) while frequently featuring alumni.

Listen to the podcast here:

Here's a sneak peak of recent guests:

Episode 1:
Arky Staiman (Alumn)
Coach Matt Smith
Nathan Smith
Lily Wolf
Ryann Forman
Weiner Preveiw:
Coach Adam Klaff (Alumn)
Coach Stacy Fuld (Alumn)
Coach Nina Gartenhaus (Alumn)
Weiner Day 2 Recap:
Coach David Zimmerman (Yavneh Head Coach)
Weiner Day 4 Recap:
Jake Schloss
Dani Ocken
Eli Schwartz
Julian Kontoff
Episode 2:
Coach Eli Creeger (Alumn)
Tani Weissman (Alumn)
Michael Cohen

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