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One Act Plays - Livestreamed via Zoom

To purchase a link to the Livestreamed performance follow this link:

$5 for an Individual             $10 for a Family
Your $5-$10 contribution will go back into the theatre’s operating budget and will help us continue to provide quality productions at Beth Tfiloh. We kindly ask that you not share your purchased link with others. Thank You!
Lotto Luck
What happens if you have won the lottery, but you cannot find the ticket?
Variations on the Death of Trotsky
Satirical and humorous "variations", depicting what could be the final moments of Leon Trotsky's life.
That Thing That Rings
A group of young college students come face to face with technology of old.
Carved Out Light
A beautiful vase, glowing from within, sits on an art gallery shelf. She is joined by a divaesque “new girl” vase who blames the glassblower for her woes…..
Untitled #2
A short comedy of irony, politics, and human nature.

The Mary Celeste
The tale of the inhabitants of the ship Mary Celeste, one of the most baffling disappearance cases in history, found drifting and empty with food on the table and no sign of trouble.

Baggage Claim
A customer’s luggage arrives, but not the customer!
The Author’s Autopsy
Coroners examine a deceased writer to determine what he was keeping inside and how it caused his demise. 
What happens when a married couple meet the most charming man in the “world”?
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