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High School


Beth Tfiloh’s college preparatory program offers students opportunities for exploration, connection, and leadership—in the classroom, on the playing fields, on stage, and in the greater community—as young Jewish American men and women preparing to meet the challenges of contemporary society.

Beth Tfiloh High School

Students are encouraged to pursue individual interests at every grade level. Graduates are fully prepared to continue their studies at the finest colleges, universities, yeshivot and seminaries—and to take their places as Jewish leaders committed to making the world a better place.

The BT High School experience incorporates several important elements:

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  • General Studies

    Small class size, groupings for College Prep, Honors and Advanced Placement credit, and a wide variety of electives form a program tailored to the individual academic needs of each student. Our Academic Support Program provides counseling, supervision, and skill development to qualifying students with specific learning differences. Seniors can choose from a wide range of electives exploring non-traditional topics such as neuroscience, engineering, environmental science, computer science, economics, AP Psychology, financial literacy, theater production and design, and culinary arts and fashion design. Students are rewarded for their academic success by nomination to the Honor Roll, National Honor Society, and at our annual Awards Program. View the High School curriculum here.
  • Judaic Studies

    A flexible two-track Judaic Studies program offers a range of traditional and contemporary topics to address the interests of our diverse student body. In the text-based Beit Midrash track students develop their skill in studying Torah and Talmud using original Hebrew texts. Students in the Yahadut track study biblical and rabbinic texts with greater use of English translations and more emphasis on Jewish themes and concepts. View the High School curriculum here.
  • Academic Support

    The goal of the Academic Support Program (ASP) at Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community High School is to support the academic growth of all students. Directed by a full-time specialist, the ASP works with students, parents and teachers to oversee and coordinate individualized academic programs for students who require in-house and/or outside tutoring support to assist with content mastery or organization and study skills. The ASP serves an important role in enhancing parent-teacher-tutor communication as well as providing valuable workshops for parents on topics relating to learning differences. The ASP also supports the entire faculty through ongoing professional development programs in the areas of brain-based teaching methods and learning styles. A Learning Center serves as an important resource for all High School students, on an ongoing or as-needed basis.
  • Social & Emotional Development

    Our High School guidance counselor, together with grade advisors and the administration, supports the development of the skills and character traits necessary to navigate life beyond high school. 

    Topics and issues may include: Developing self-awareness, self-advocacy, healthy decision making, independence, goal-oriented behavior, problem solving, navigating friendships, forming and maintaining relationships as well as having the skills and resources to cope with stressors.
    To this end, the High School Guidance Counselor:
    • Meets regularly as a member of the Grade Advisor team to monitor progress of individual students from social-emotional standpoint.
    • Meets with individual students per recommendation of teacher, parent, peer or self for issues on a variety of topics which may include: stress, anxiety, relationships.
    • Meets with parents to discuss a variety of issues which may include – independence, risky behaviors, forming healthy relationships.
    • Organizes parent discussion groups to create sense of community amongst parents and to facilitate discussion of developmentally relevant topics, including acclimating to high school, risky behaviors, driving, stress, college preparation.
    • Provides referrals to and communicates with outside therapists and other mental health professionals to support the success of individual students
    • Member of High School Crisis Intervention team
  • Extra-Curricular Activities

    BT students are encouraged to be well-rounded individuals by developing their talents in a variety of extracurricular areas. They broaden their horizons while building community as they celebrate holidays, prepare and attend special assemblies, and participate in field trips and overnight programs. Student Government, school publications, theater, instrumental and vocal performing groups, and a full range of interscholastic athletics for girls and boys offer numerous opportunities for self-expression, teamwork, and leadership. A variety of service projects provide avenues for living the Jewish values of tzedakah (charity) and chesed (kindness) that our students learn in class. Learn more about Beth Tfiloh High School's extra-curricular activity options.
  • College and Israel Program Guidance

    BT graduates have an outstanding record of college admissions, attending highly regarded institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton and more. An Israel Program Advisor provides guidance to seniors who elect a year of study in Israel following graduation. Our students are often viewed as the top applicants and have an exceptional record of success at the finest programs. Learn more about BT's renowned College and Israel Program Guidance.
  • Technology

    Technology and a strong emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) are highlights of the school-wide curriculum. Throughout the High School, technology is integrated with learning across the curriculum. High School students can choose AP Computer Science classes as well as advanced science and engineering electives.

  • Community Service

    Community service is an integral part of the BT experience throughout each year of High School to foster their sense of civic responsibility and as an expression of tikkun olam (repairing the world).
  • Senior Experience

    Seniors participate in an internship program in a professional field of their choice during the third trimester of their senior year to gain first-hand experience in a business or professional setting. Following their internships, seniors embark on a transformative journey on the Senior Seminar in Poland & Israel.

    Senior Internship
    Seniors participate in an internship program in a professional field of their choice during the third trimester of their senior year to gain first-hand experience in a business or professional setting. This program culminates at an Internship Fair, with students presenting a summary of their work to the school community.

    Senior Seminar in Poland and Israel
    The culmination of a BT education is the senior class educational seminar in Israel and Poland. Seniors bear witness to the devastating impact of the Holocaust in Europe and experience the exhilarating modern miracle of the State of Israel. Together, students and their educators forge powerful bonds to their heritage and to each other as they explore the history, culture, archaeology, and geography that unite us.

    Learn more about the Senior Experience here.

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High School Administration

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  • Photo of Renee Koplon

    Dr. Renee Koplon 

    HS Principal, HS Math
  • Photo of Mordechai Soskil

    Rabbi Mordechai Soskil 

    HS Director of Judaic Studies
  • Photo of Michael Bruner

    Mr. Michael Bruner 

    Director of Instruction; HS English Chair

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