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Senior Internship Program

The culmination of a BT student’s High School experience is the senior internship. Students volunteer at the company or organization of their choice, offering them real-life experience in professions and careers of interest to them. The internships, which are unpaid, are a requirement for graduation.

The goal of the program is to facilitate internships that bring benefits to our students as well as their employers. Internships provide a shadowing experience to Beth Tfiloh seniors, giving them the opportunity to observe and network with professionals, explore career choices, clarify possible career goals and college interests, and practice functioning within a work environment.

Internship selection begins in the fall, with students contacting mentors during the months of December and January to schedule meetings. Mentors and students have the opportunity to meet, discuss the goals and expectations of the internship together, and make a final decision as to the merits of the internship for each. The internship normally comprises a 3-4 week period in the spring of senior year.

Students are expected to familiarize themselves with the work setting while on the job. They are required to maintain a journal in which they address topics provided for them in a formal assignment. By asking directed questions, it is the school's hope that students will learn more about their work and the employer's profession.

  • Provide a shadowing experience for Seniors
  • Observe professionals in their daily workplace routine
  • Explore potential college majors and courses of study
  • Investigate possible career choices
  • Develop effective interpersonal skills
  • Develop professional skills, such as punctuality, reliability and accuracy
  • Develop professional relationships with adults in the greater community
  • Begin to make the transition from high school to college

  • Law and politics
  • Medicine, both clinical and research
  • Engineering
  • Communications, marketing and public relations
  • Education
  • Music, art
  • Retail
  • Journalism
  • Computer programming
  • Nonprofits
  • Jewish communal professionals

Student Testimonials

“It gave me a very clear picture of what being a trauma doctor/nurse is like. I have learned what it is like to work in a hospital setting.” Jasmine H. ’18, University of Maryland’s R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center.

“I learned a lot about what a financial advisor does throughout the week and their daily tasks. I liked seeing my supervisor talk to clients and deal with different financial situations.” -Andrew K. ’18, WBH Advisory, Inc.

“As someone who wants to pursue a career working with children with mental disabilities, being able to intern in a preschool that is open for all children helped me grow and learn with hands on experiences. Throughout this experience I have learned so many helpful skills and techniques that…will help me in my future.” - Hana A. ’18, Gates of Discovery Preschool

“In considering what I might like to do for a living, education seemed to be a great option, as I have worked with kids before. However, this was in another setting--at a summer camp. As a result, the internship allowed me to work with students on a more professional level--as a teacher, rather than a counselor.” -J. Blank ’18, Beth Tfiloh Lower School
Rebecca F. ‘18 has been an outstanding student intern. We are planning to attend a Parkinson's symposium for her last day and I am excited to continue to watch her grow into her planned career field.
–Leah Zinnert, PT, DPT, CSCS, LSVT BIG Certified Clinician, LifeBridge Health Physical Therapy

Ryan L. ‘18 is doing great and successfully completed his first project for the University of Pittsburgh math department. They were extremely pleased with his results and he is now working with them on a blog for our website.
–Mike Adelstein, President and CEO, Potomac Photonics

Erika S. ‘18 is excelling in the fast paced Art with a Heart world and responding to one minute managing very well!!
–Jenny Hyle Durkin, Director of Public Art & Community Service, Art with a Heart

Ezra S. ’18 has proven to be a willing, quick and able learner, taking on and completing tasks assigned quickly and competently… I would like to take this opportunity to place a standing request for TWO student interns for the coming year. If they are of as outstanding quality as Ezra has proved, we look forward to mutual benefit, MPT and the individual interns as well as your internship program.
–Jean-Anne South, Data Entry & Gifts Representative, Maryland Public Television

Chloe N. ‘18 has been a great addition to our team during her internship and has been able to get involved in a lot of hands-on marketing work…Our whole team has enjoyed working with her and getting to know her.
–Maddie Slezak, Warschawski

Alex R. ‘18 is wonderful! He is inquisitive, a self-starter, independent, cheerful, and agreeable. He is definitely a keeper; I hope he is having a positive experience here.
–Dr. Rena Lapidus, University of Maryland Medical Center

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